Thursday, May 30, 2013

A change of plans....

Today more than anything I wanted to visit the cemetery where my father's buried. Today was the wedding anniversary of my parents and on the 27th of May quite a few years back my father passed away. Today just seemed like the appropriate day to visit my father's grave.

I took my mother with me and half way there a tremendous down pour of rain made the visibility on the freeway almost impossible. I was lucky to get off at a nearby exit and stop the car at a service station until the storm ended.

About ten minutes later the rain stopped but my Mother no longer wanted to drive another 30 miles to the cemetery. So I made a turn out of the gasoline station onto a street called CONANT. Talking about a bliss divine intervention. I could tell my FATHER was there with my MOTHER and myself because back when my Mother came to visit my father in Detroit from New York State one of the first places he took her to was his favorite pizzeria on Conant Street.

                                                             My father's favorite pizzeria

Conant Street was always significant to my father because his favorite pizzeria "BUDDY'S" was located there. After he married my MOTHER they still often went to "BUDDY'S" on Conant Street to eat pizza. So even though we didn't make it to the cemetery today we were able to reflect on our memory of him by stumbling across a street he often spent time on.

I truly believe that the storm that guided us away from driving all the way to the cemetery brought us exactly to the place my father wanted us to be; Conant Street. It's amazing how moments of life really to give us answers and guide us to where we need to be.

C O N A N T      S T R E E T

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