Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Starbucks & Debbie

This afternoon I stopped into a Starbucks and asked for a sample of the new "Blond Roast." I was expecting just a tiny cup sample but instead the barista poured me a generous cup of the "Blond Roast"  and recommended trying it with a few drops of vanilla syrup which I did.

What a beautiful moment it was to enter Starbucks wanting to try the new "Blond Roast" and given a generous sample with kindness and warmth by Debbie the barista.

STARBUCKS and its customers are very fortunate to have such a shining star employee as Debbie who brightened my day by greeting me with a big smile and friendly "May I help you?" When I asked for a sample she rewarded me with something I just wasn't expecting. 

How nice it is to know that every now and then someone can make all the difference in just a few moments. This was the case with the amazing STARBUCKS barista Debbie who deserves high praises for being so awesome.

Thank You Starbucks and Thank You Debbie!

                My cup of "Blond Roast" coffee

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