Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Those Moments of Spring!

The other day a friend picked me up and brightened my day by taking me out to lunch. Afterwards we stopped at a huge park located on the riverfront. Although this park is nestled outside a major city it felt like it was miles away from noise and pollution. In that one hour I spent in the park  I was able to talk to some cheerful fisherman, do some yoga poses on the lush green grass, smell the fragrant just bloomed cherry blossoms, and visit a botanical garden. Spring had sprung that day and everything was so fresh and alive. Those moments when so many things become alive again during the onset of spring are moments to cherish. It's in Spring when the flowers and trees blossom, it's in Spring when many animals are born, and it's in spring that the days become long and sunny making it a pleasure to be outdoors. Let's enjoy those moments of SPRING!!!

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