Thursday, September 19, 2013

Having Purpose

"Oh how sweet it is to use our skills and talents to make the world a  better place."  Adrianna

Lately I've been using this little quote of mine to encourage people not to get down when times get tough. Sometimes it's hard to keep pressing on when things seem so gloomy. I'm no exception. Getting a job and keeping a job was never difficult for me until about five years ago. Since than I've been losing my self worth from all the rejections I get. It hurts to be rejected and unwanted in the working world. The last I heard "12 million Americans are looking for work." That's a pretty high percentage.

So like those other unemployed 12 million Americans I do my best to get by. I teach yoga part time and even though I don't make much money I get the satisfaction of helping others feel better. Often when I finish my yoga class a student or two approaches me and says:

"Thanks for helping me relax."  "Your classes have helped my body get more flexible." 

"I feel healthier now that I take yoga."  "You're so attentive and caring with your students."

I'll never have the success or fame of Jennifer Aniston. Beyonce, or Oprah Winfrey but as a simple unknown person who exists on this planet it really is sweet to share one of my skills in this big vast world. Don't ever get down because every skill & talent is important in this universe and all of us are part of that puzzle that keeps the world going. This is all part of having purpose.


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