Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Last Swim

I'm often told that I'm part mermaid because I love to swim. Only problem is that right now I don't live anywhere close to a lake and all the outdoor pools are closed for the season. So...I drove 50 miles yesterday to a place called "Dibrova" my childhood alma mater. I got a late start, got stuck in traffic, and turned on the wrong road on my way to "Dibrova." I almost wanted to give up and turn back but I kept visualizing that spring lake that I've been swimming in since I was five and finally I made it to my destination "Dibrova."

Once there I was so happy to smell the fragrant pines and hang out with a bunch of Ukrainians who were having their annual picnic. I walked down the familiar path to the spring lake and jumped into the refreshing water. There were kids fishing off the dock but all I cared about was swimming in the water. I swam and swam like a fish. People were watching me swim and couldn't believe that I was the only person brave enough to swim in what they thought was cold water.

I swam the entire afternoon on all sides of the lake. I walked the wooded paths and visited all the familiar spots of "Dibrova; the campground, the cabin area, the barn, the fishing holes, the playground, the bonfire pit, the sandy beach, and much more. It was a disadvantage to have a frustrating drive to "Dibrova" with all the traffic and taking the wrong road but in the end the advantage was spending an entire afternoon breathing fresh air, mingling with fun people, and having the last swim of the season in a refreshing spring fed lake where I felt like a mermaid. It was my last swim of Indian summer.

Is there something you wish to do before the warm days melt away?

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