Sunday, October 6, 2013

A little hug at L U S H

Yesterday I was feeling very discouraged by people's negativity until I walked into a shop called "LUSH." There I met two of the friendliest staff in the entire shopping mall. They smiled at me and had such a positive attitude. I didn't even buy anything but one of them had me sit down and gave me a 5 minute hand scrub and massage. I even got a little hug afterwards as the employee said "Stay communicated with people in person not by a smartphone."

Another employee recommended a stop at a chocolate shop where they were giving away "free chocolate truffles." Of course I stopped and had a truffle. I smiled afterwards not because the chocolate truffle was so incredibly tasting but because I came across two encouraging people that believed that everyone deserves a little encouragement and a hug.

From now on I'm shopping at LUSH!

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