Friday, February 7, 2014

Good Karma

A beautiful wave of good karma came my way today. I was feeling really down this early afternoon as I walked in the freezing cold  today to visit my Mother. I slipped and fell on the sidewalk, almost got hit by a car, and had to climb up a heap of snow twice. Later in the day I had to run a few errands without a car. I bought my brother his favorite mustard and brought it to him before heading home.

My brother mentioned that there was an artists party going on in his building and that it was open to the public. What started off as a day of bad karma turned into good karma as I  mingled with the people at the party and was offered beer, wine, flat bread, pizza, and other treats. It was so nice to forget about my worries and enjoy happy moments with fun people.

Sometimes life brings us a handful of bad karma BUT suddenly that bad karma turns into good karma. I'm so thankful that whatever good deed I did today brought me good karma. I hope that good karma comes to everyone!


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