Monday, June 23, 2014

Fishing for Answers in "Fish Town"

                                             Fishing for Answers in "Fish Town"

Have you ever felt as if life has brought you a series of problems that aren't always that easy to solve?Today I was fishing for those answers in a quaint little town in Northern Michigan called Fish Town which is part of Leland.

I've been without hot water for a week, my new employer hasn't paid me a penny in over four weeks, my brother is giving me a hard time, I'm new to town and don't have any friends....well the list goes on. 

This morning I rushed to the bus station in Traverse City to catch a bus to quaint Fish Town (Leland). When I arrived in the morning it was cloudy and rainy. I headed to my favorite bakery for a blueberry scone. I sat down to eat my scone and soon the rain stopped. I walked along Lake Michigan and than chatted with some of the fishermen. It was so nice to be surrounded by nature and lovely scenery.

As I visited a handful of shops I was especially mesmerized by one shop in particular that had some inspirational sayings displayed in the window. I smiled and suddenly a saw a rainbow of "hope" in all my circumstances. I felt that my answers were coming to me in "Fish Town." Moments later I found myself walking into a building that had a stage and a piano. Performing has always been the one thing I've loved in bad and good times so I did what I love most; performed. I played some songs on the piano than got on that stage and pretended I was starring in a musical.

My moment in time arrived when two people who run the performance hall applauded me and asked me if I'm a professional singer. Their office was just around the corner from the stage and they had heard me act, sing, and play the piano. They asked for my contact information and said that they would book me to do a solo performance in front of a live audience in the very near future.

Life certainly does bring surprises. I came to "Fish Town" to fish for answers about all my setbacks andwas rewarded with an opportunity to do what I love most.

Sometimes life seems so unfair but there really is a light at the end of the tunnel and soon the problems really do disappear and something wonderful or someone wonderful comes along.

"Believe in the miracles of life."

                                                 Life is a "Stage"

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