Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Duck and Her Ducklings

A few evenings ago while sitting under a shady tree looking at the glimmering lake I observed a duck and her ducklings. It was so heartwarming to watch the devoted mother with her sweet little babies. They were very entertaining and I wish I had filmed those ten great minutes of the happy duck family.

What I learned while watching the duck family is that they knew the meaning of devotion and love. They all clung together and looked out after each other.

Nature brings us lots of beauty and there's nothing more beautiful than being still and taking moments to observe that beauty.  "Be still" and enjoy those moments of beauty.

The memory of the "Duck and Her Ducklings" will stay with me all summer because it was so genuine and touching. I can't wait to see another duck family.

Take moments this summer to observe nature!

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