Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Penny

Holding down three jobs and always multi-tasking it felt so good to sit down for a few moments in the backyard the other day. I dreamed of easier times when life was more "carefree." Suddenly I noticed a penny on the ground. It hadn't been there before and my inner voice told me to pick it up. I did and was mesmerized with the year engraved on the penny. That year I was blessed with the best carefree summer of my life and the memories flooded my mind of that sweet summer long ago.

That penny gave me hope that my guardian angels knew my pain and distraught and assured me that "moments" of happy times will come again someday. "The penny" was my sign of hope that someday there will be carefree moments again.

Believe in those little signs that come into your moments of everyday life.

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