Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Free Ride

Frantic because the bus didn't arrive at it's usual stop I walked the extra distance to the bus station to inquire what was going on. According to the agent on duty as of the first of November many of the former bus stops were no longer existent.

I was already running late for work and another bus wasn't scheduled for almost an hour. One of the managers overheard my conversation with the agent regarding my frustration of not knowing that the bus company had suddenly changed its routes. The manager volunteered to give me a free ride to my place of work since he was going in that direction anyway.

It was because of the kindness of Jeff the manager that I made it to work on time. Jeff was truly a genuine manager who went the extra yard to turn a negative situation into a positive one. In moments of frustration it's certainly refreshing to have a stranger reach out and help out. That free ride to work by wonderful Jeff was truly a blessing.

When an opportunity arises I will return the favor by helping a person in need. Moments of helping others are moments to embrace.

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