Thursday, January 8, 2015


Last night I worked diligently in my kitchen preparing an array of foods for a family Christmas Orthodox meal. It was nearly midnight when I got to one of the final items to make the "Midnight Cake."

Centuries ago ingredients were far more limited than they are today so a cake such as this one was quite elaborate for it's time. It's truly a perfect cake to eat after midnight Christmas mass.

Although I was stressed last night and this morning with food preparations for the family Christmas feast all turned out well. It was so nice to finally sit down and relax with all my visitors and enjoy many blissful moments while eating with them.

We all sat around beeswax burning candles, listening to spiritual Russian musical chants and talking about the birth of Jesus long ago. Then before everyone departed we indulged in the "Midnight Cake." 

The simple gathering of family and friends is truly a time of unforgettable moments. May unforgettable moments come to you this new year of 2015.

Happy New Year!

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