Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Moments are always changing!

Moments are always changing. Some moments are joyous and some are not so joyous. On Monday I was at the medical center getting fluids to build up my iron. Six hours was a long time to have a needle stuck in my veins and be attached to an IV machine due to iron deficiency anemia.  I'm so thankful for the dedicated medical staff that attended to me on Monday So even though I was a bit uncomfortable those six hours went by pretty quickly since I had my right arm and hand free to write a story and also gaze out the window at the birds and squirrels. Those creatures put a smile on my face and so did that bowl of homemade strawberry shortcake that a nurse gave me as a special treat.

In my six hours at the medical center I had time to really observe patients that were being treated around me. Each of them was dealing with their own personal journey and all this made me think how important it is to cherish the beautiful moments life gives us because we never know when it's time to say farewell. 

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