Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ohio Moments in my Heart

My heart belongs to OHIO! 

Although I'm not from OHIO I have a strong connection to the state of OHIO. I've liked a few guys from OHIO, I spent quite a few years living in Michigan not far from the OHIO border and I have some relatives who live in the state of OHIO. I have gone through the state of OHIO many a times on my way to the East Coast where I held jobs. Than there were the multitude of times that I visited parts of Ohio on day or overnight trip like Cleveland, Dayton, Columbus, Holmes Country (where the Amish live and have their farms) and the Lake Erie islands of Kelleys Island and Put-in-Bay and last but not least the amazing amusement park "Cedar Point."

Because of my connection to the state of "OHIO" I got very inspired to write a story called "OHIO." I love to write and so I came up with a story which I read today to friends and strangers. The feedback was so encouraging that I'm going to spend many many moments completing my story "OHIO."In times of discouragement it's very uplifting to get words of encouragement. Thanks goodness for positive moments that keep us motivated.

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