Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Raw Key Lime Pie

On the 26th of May I had a birthday celebration for my Mother at my apartment. My moments were filled with lots of preparation because I wanted to make all the dishes from scratch. To my surprise everything turned out wonderful and my Mother and her guests were very pleased with  the food. In fact they told me I should open a restaurant. (How sweet)

I'm so happy that my Mother had a birthday filled with love and laughter. I made her a special raw key lime pie along with a chocolate cake and lit candles on both of her desserts. The "RAW KEY LIME PIE"was the top attraction and I'm so glad I captured a photo as a memory.

In moments of celebration be certain to set aside a few moments to take photos because those photos will leave you with memories.

Keep Celebrating Your Moments of Life!

                                                               Raw Key Lime Pie

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