Monday, August 17, 2015

Moments of Remembrance

In Remembrance:

Sometimes someone or something leaves us with fond memories that we just don't seem to forget. Today August 17th was my remembrance day of someone who taught me many valuable life lessons.MOMENTS of REMEMBRANCE are very dear and special.

Today is August 17th a day that will forever stay in my heart because August 17th was the last time I spent with a friend who taught me many valuable life lessons. One lesson he taught me was to take time to have fun.  So today on my anniversary date I remembered my "special friend" and had a carefree and fun day at the beach. I even ate a bag of "Smartfood Popcorn" which my special friend and I enjoyed eating on our many adventurous.

Thank You Jeff for teaching me a whole book of valuable life lessons! May you be happy wherever you are!
                              Smartfood Popcorn brings me moments of remembrance.


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