Friday, April 29, 2016

Carrot Cake Moments

Friends are a real treasure and they can brighten moments instantly. You can find yourself having a frustrating week, day, or moment and then suddenly it can turn around and be happy.

Yesterday my friend brightened my day by bringing me a homemade carrot cake. This was no ordinary carrot cake either. My friend Patty spent four hours making this carrot cake from scratch and what a delicious carrot cake it was. It was made with organic flour, carrots, raw sugar, orange juice, raisins, nuts, fresh cut pineapple chunks and lots of all spices.

One bite of that carrot cake and I was in "cake nirvana." I shared the cake with my Mother and a few friends and they all agreed that "Patty makes one of the best carrot cakes in the world." 

Moments are much more precious when we have friends to share our moments with.

                                  C A R ROT                  C A K E                     M O M E N T S


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