Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Lifeguard Moments

Lifeguard: An expert swimmer employed to rescue people who get into difficulty in a swimming pool or at the beach.


The official last day of SUMMER is September 21st but in the United Sates a lot of summer fun activities end on Labor Day.  This summer Labor Day was on September 5th and this was the day to say goodbye to all the awesome lifeguards that have kept us safe while we were swimming in lakes, pools, and the ocean.

How fortunate it is to have summer moments on the water with lifeguards. Whether you prefer swimming in lakes, pools, or the ocean chances are there's usually a lifeguard on duty to keep you safe during the popular summer months. Hope you had some special swimming moments this summer. Thumbs up to all the lifeguards across America who kept us swimmers safe.

Thank you LIFEGUARDS for being so awesome!

                                            Lifeguards are a blessing!

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