Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Asian Stir Fry Moments

Eating healthy is a very good way to live your moments. Many of the Asian countries such as Korea, Japan, India, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam eat healthy nutritional food. After a visit to Thailand a few years ago I got inspired to prepare Asian meals a lot. My favorite? A vegetable stir fry.

ADRIANNA'S  STIR FRY (made moments ago)

Boil one cup of Oriental style noodles (Bahn Pho). Drain the water and than add a handful of fresh chopped broccoli, orange peppers, and some peas. Stir in about 1 cup of coconut milk to the mixture and a tablespoon of green curry paste and allow the entire mixture to cook for a few minutes.

Place your stir fry in a bowl and add a dash of cinnamon. (The spice cinnamon is known to help prevent diabetes).

Enjoy your stir fry with a cup of green or oolong tea.

Happy Asian Stir Fry Moments!

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