Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Stranded without Boredom

Synchronicity seems to appear in my life over and over again. Yesterday after weathering a snow storm I had a long day at work and was anxious to get back home BUT I was stranded. A co-worker promised me a ride home if I didn't mind waiting for her while she was being fit for contact lenses at the optometrist. Thankful that she would give me a ride I waited patiently for her an entire hour only to have her tell me when she finished her appointment "Sorry, I can't give you a ride. I have a conflict." With no phone or wallet on hand I was appreciative that my co-worker at least let me use her phone so that I could call my boyfriend who was working 50 miles away to pick me up. He was suppose to work late and told me to hang tight because he would do his best to pick me up as soon as he could.

Frustrated with my co-worker I politely smiled and thanked her for letting me use her phone and dashed off as fast as I could out of the building I worked in. Where was I to go for one hour? I was stranded. The last place people want to be stranded at is the airport but that's exactly where I headed; to the airport. It was only a ten minute walk and unlike most airports the Traverse City Airport is small and cozy. As soon as I walked through the doors I saw a crackling fireplace and went to sit down next to it and de-stress.Above the fireplace was a plaque and in big letters was written:


Boredom, no I wasn't going to be bored while I waited for my boyfriend. In that one hour I walked around the building, did squats, wrote poetry and daydreamed of a warm place to escape from the bitter cold of northwest Michigan. Before I knew it my boyfriend appeared and I was no longed stranded. Synchronicity was right in front of me as I glared into the fireplace. I had been stranded but without boredom.

Sometimes things happen. I did the best with the circumstance that arouse and found that even when you're stranded "BOREDOM IS A MATTER OF CHOICE NOT CIRCUMSTANCE"and one can be productive if they allow themselves to be.

Have you ever been stranded? This morning as I sip on some warm tea I look back at this experience and say "Wow it could have been a lot worse, being stranded at a friendly resort airport actually was kinda fun." 

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