Friday, July 6, 2018

Valley of the Cows!

Everyone has a favorite animal. What's your favorite animal? For me it's a cow or better yet a herd of cows. I've spent a lot of time traveling alone and it was always a herd of cows that befriended me and put a smile on my face. Even now I feel a deep connection with COWS. They must know I'm fond of them because whenever I call out to them they appear without any fear.

A couple of weeks ago I made my birthday wish come true by spending a day in the countryside. The weather was glorious with sunny blue skies....the kind of weather that cows like to graze on grass. I came towards the fence calling out to them and within seconds a whole herd of them came right to the fence to greet me. It was the "Valley of the Cows." Such intelligent and friendly cows with big eyes. What a present to have them all within arms reach of me.

I'm very grateful for COWS!

Cows provide us with milk which means lots of dairy treats for non-vegans.
Cows are intelligent.
Cows are good looking creatures.
Cows brighten the landscape.
Cows make cute "MOO" sounds.
Cows are social animals, they naturally form large herds.
Cows do not bite grass, instead they curl their tongue around it.
Cows have an excellent sense of smell.
Cows have terrific memories.
Cows are sacred in India. There are strict rules to protect them from harm.

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