Friday, October 2, 2020

Happy Birthday to my beloved Father (Born October 2nd) "Roman George Lypeckyj"

October 2, 2020

                                      HAPPY BIRTHDAY: ROMAN GEORGE LYPECKYJ                                                  

A HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beloved father who was born on the 2nd of October. Even though it's been many years since my father has passed away, I never forget his birthday. It always holds a dear place in my heart. This morning I spent my moments in church saying a prayer for him and lighting a candle in his honor. I was truly blessed to have an awesome father who was a class act. He was a highly intelligent man who spoke several languages and worked an an economist for Ford Motor Company. My father accomplished a lot in his life and one of his greatest gifts was his devotion to my mother, brother, and myself. 

TATO means father in Ukrainian and since we were Ukrainian I always called him "TATO." So in his remembrance, I would like to say:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TATO!

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Moments of Regret!

Where did the summer go? I can't believe we're approaching the end of August. All summer long I dreamed of traveling someplace outside of where I live and by the end of July I was desperate for a change because I was getting frustrated with everything.

Life works in mysterious ways, because in late July a friend of mine who lives on the East Coast invited me to take a trip with him. He too needed a change of scenery and offered me the opportunity to travel with him. Of course I couldn't turn down the offer even though I was a bit nervous about traveling several hours on the Amtrak train because of the coronavirus. 

I journeyed from Traverse City, Michigan to Toledo, Ohio, and took an overnight Amtrak train to Albany/Rensselaer to meet my friend who drove from Queens, New York. The train ride was pleasant and the train arrived right on time to Albany. I waited in the sweltering heat for my friend outside the station and about 20 minutes later he appeared.

We greeted each other and then the adventure began. It was a wonderful two weeks of exploring parts of New England and than relaxing for a few days in beautiful Schroon Lake in the Adirondacks Mountains. On the evening before my departure my friend encouraged me not to leave. "You're having so much fun and this trip is really helping you mentally. Why don't you stay another week?" I wanted to, I really wanted to but I was feeling guilty because my friend was paying for a big part of this trip and I didn't want to impose on him anymore.

I've been back home a week now, regretting everyday that I didn't stay longer. This trip was just what I needed and despite not getting a lot of sleep, eating too much unhealthy food, and having to be on constant guard of social distancing and avoiding crowded places, this vacation with my friend Frank was charming, idyllic, and magical. I miss the sun rising early in the morning, I miss our drives along the Atlantic Ocean, and eating seafood, I miss swimming in the lakes and kayaking, I miss eating ice cream cones and s'mores. I miss the bonfire and exchanging friendly conversations with incredibly amazing people.  I miss the mountains, and the farms, I miss the beautiful scenery and the carefree moments of being on a vacation. I miss the marvelous places we stayed at, and not having much responsibility.

REGRETS, are part of life. What I learned from this experience is that when you are blessed with such a splendid time in life that brings happiness, why hurry to leave it behind? I had so many unpleasant things happen to me before this vacation that taking this vacation and embracing it was what mattered.What a blessing this vacation was. It was like a miracle from the LORD to be granted such a lovely two weeks with a generous and thoughtful friend.

Oh, if only I could turn the clock back. Knowing what I do now, I would have been wise to accept Frank's offer to stay an extra week and embrace it with gratitude. However, I made the choice to leave and now I cannot turn back BUT I can hold on to the precious moments of this exhilarating trip that I'll forever cherish. I'm also glad that I was able to do acts of kindness for Frank too, and help contribute to the expenses of the trip.

I HOPE all of you get a well deserved break from life's responsibilities and can enjoy a FABULOUS vacation somewhere, sometime and most importantly not have any REGRETS!

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

I Will Punish Myself for my Stupidity

I am so stupid and I will punish myself for my stupidity. I just paid a hefty amount to a resort that makes tons of money. I was at fault, for a leaky toilet that caused damage to their ceiling. Even though I called a plumber to have the toilet fixed, water was still dripping and the resort told me that I must pay for the damage to their condo. The BIG shots always conquer. It's their world.

More money down the drain. Oh well, the LOVE of money is the root of all evil so let the privileged people enjoy their possessions and wealth. I will continue to be a "very unimportant person" and I will punish myself for my stupidity of not fixing the toilet quick enough. It's my fault and I will punish myself for a very long time for my stupidity. 


Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Luck of the Delicious Michigan Mint Chocolates

Here in Michigan where I currently live there's a husband & wife team that own a chocolate company called Hanover's. They make delicious mint filled milk and dark chocolates imprinted with the state of Michigan map on them. I've known about these wonderful chocolates since I was in college but it wasn't until the past year that I started buying these chocolates when I started seeing how popular they're in northern Michigan.

The other day I was in a shop in Northport and they had a huge glass bowl of Hanover's chocolates which are now available in cherry   flavors in addition to the mint flavors. Of course I bought a handful of them and ate the of them by the next afternoon.

I love lucky days, like yesterday. I wanted more of those Michigan Mint Chocolates. Turns out that I had the privilege of spending part of the day with my Mother and on my way to visit her, I stopped at a shop in downtown Traverse City to get a treat and when  I walked over to the register, there sitting on the counter was a package of my beloved  Hanover's Michigan Mint Dark Chocolates.  It was the last package in the entire store and the package of 9 chocolates was reduced to only $2.00. Now that's what I call a stroke of good luck.

Isn't it terrific to have a treat on hand to brighten your day?  How about fresh picked blueberries, chocolate covered strawberries or an ice cream cone?  Maybe a slice of pizza? A buttery flakey croissant or a piece of decadent cake? Thank goodness for the pleasures of food to get us through the stressful times of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Today, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to something you really like to eat and enjoy moments of indulgence.

                       Treat yourself to something you like eating and enjoy moments of indulgence!

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Death can Come at Any Time

Yesterday, I got unpleasant news from my brother that our cousin was found dead by his sister at his home. I was shocked beyond belief to hear this devastating news. Although my cousin and I didn't keep in touch these past few years I was always fond of hime. He was down to earth, intelligent, wise, and had the best sense of humor of anyone I ever knew.


Life is fragile, we don't know when our last breath will take place. I will always remember my cousin as a person who could brighten any room he walked into. He had the gift of putting a smile on people's facing, including my brother who rarely smiles. In fact my cousin and I joked often about how he really was the only person that could make my brother show his teeth and make him laugh.

Enjoy every moment of life. We're only here on this earth for a certain time and than we must die. Death is something we must all face someday, so appreciate the gifts of life.


A Year of Anxiety (THIS TOO, SHALL PASS)

With the exception of the terrorist attacks in 2001, I can't recall a more darker side of life than in 2020. I can't even read the news anymore because my stress level rises to the top. This year is much different than any I've witnessed and it's only half over.


1)  COVID 19, millions of cases around the globe

Regardless of what's happening there are still plenty of people who are living charmed lives. I can see it right in my community BUT for every person whose living a life of good times, another is dealing with bad times. I don't understand how an essential worker must continue to work hard for the same wage before the coronavirus outbreak, putting their life at risk while another is getting weeks of unemployment. Why is one person blessed with perfect health and wealth while another struggles with health issues and lack of funds? Why does one person have trust worthy friends while another is constantly being used by so called friends? If only everyone could have a piece of the world's wealth so that they can at least meet the basic needs of life necessities.

Unfortunately, I don't have the power to change the world but I'm learning that NOW more than ever we need each other to lean on. We need to help and support one another and try to do acts of kindness. If we can just do that, it would melt away so many stresses of what's going on in our country and across the globe. Although this is a year of anxiety for many people on the earth, the good news is that "This Too, Shall Pass." I BELIEVE good times will return again someday.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Oatmeal Cookies under a Shaded Tree in NORTHPORT

Yesterday, I took an amazing day trip to gorgeous NORTHPORT.This village on Lake Michigan is a gem in the summer when everything is green and lush. Time stands still here and yet there's plenty to do; bicycling, boating, cultural activities, hiking, picnicking, shopping, swimming, and tennis. There's a state park with camping sites and a lighthouse a few miles away and some farms too.

Although it was HOT yesterday I enjoyed every moment I had in this idyllic village with its lakes, ponds, streams, and waterfalls. Oh, how I longed to lay in a hammock under a tree, or sit on somebody's wraparound porch and drink some ice tea, but that wasn't possible.
However as luck would have it I did get to visit my favorite market for fruits, vegetables, and the best cookies around. The place is called"Bells of Christmas" and no matter what time of year you visit there's a feeling of "being home" here.

I bought a bag of the homemade oatmeal raisin cookies (the best ever) and asked the owner if I could sit near the garden. "Yes, and take your time," he replied. I took my time alright. For one hour I sat under a shaded tree in an Adirondack chair and ate one oatmeal cookie after another until there was only one left. What a treat. So in love with those cookies was I that I went back into the store to buy more. There were chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate chip, molasses , and oatmeal raisin.
Guess which ones I picked?

In the summer there's nothing more peaceful than sitting under a tree on a peaceful farm and taking in the serenity of nature. It's even better with some cookies. Enjoy yourself this summer, buy some cookies or make your own and have a little picnic under the shaded trees. JULY, the highlight month of summer.

                                  ENJOY YOUR SUMMER DAYS IN JULY AND BEYOND!