Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Accident Moments

JUNE is passing by so quickly, it's like a whirlwind. The month of JUNE started out on such a positive note, I found out I could keep my affordable insurance, the weather was glorious, the days were long, and I was looking forward to my trip to MAINE for my birthday. I arrived by train to Albany, New York on the 10th of June to meet my friend who picked me up at the station. Together we drove to the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts to spend the night and the next day it was off to Maine. On my birthday, June 12th I was so happy to wake up in Wells, Maine near Ogunquit and enjoy the Atlantic Ocean beaches and part of the day in York, Maine with all its attractions. After a delightful lunch at the Maine Diner it was off to gorgeous Camden, Maine. The drive over there was nerve wrecking. My friend was going so fast on the interstate that I started to feel dizzy. We got off at one of the exits past Portland and took the one lane highway 1 all the way to Linconville, Maine where we had a room booked. Thankfully we didn't pay for our lodging because when we arrived at the mysterious inn/hotel we felt that it was haunted. The place was empty, the rooms looked like they were vacant for months, and the whole lobby was decorated with old eccentric Christmas decorations. The woman who ran the place gave us the chills and we abruptly left the place, thanking her for showing us around. 

We got on our phones and started looking for a place to stay and miraculously we found a charming motel right outside Camden, Maine. If only I had enjoyed myself after checking in and not been persuaded by my friend to go into Camden to get some pizza. We did get tasty pizza at "Camden House of Pizza." The owner even brought me a piece of tiramisu with a candle, and sang "happy birthday" to me while staff and customers joined in. It was all so heartwarming. Then suddenly everything changed. I told my friend I'd meet him at the car. Ten minutes later we met at the car. He had the pizza and we each ate a slice. Then we got into the car and my friend made a sharp right turn thinking the road was on his immediate right side and instead we went over a curb and the car landed with a big thump on part of the sidewalk. It all happened so suddenly and it really shook us up.

We drove back to our motel and I asked the owner if there was a hospital nearby in case I needed to go to the emergency room. I had some pain on my head most of the night and to top it off my friend was very angry at me for going to the front desk to talk to the owner about going to the hospital. I felt so lonely and confused that night, what an end to a birthday. I never did go the hospital and remained in Maine a few more days before heading back home to Michigan. After returning home I again had a few minor accidents, I pinched my elbow in one of my sliding doors and got a gash on my arm and shortly after that I was walking along the water and tripped on a tree branch. The following day I went to urgent care to have my head examined and the doctor felt encouraged that my head injury wasn't serious although he did say "to remain cautious and if the pain in my head persisted to have a brain scan."

So my birthday month of JUNE has had some roller coaster bumps and I've accepted that accidents do happen. Have any of you found yourself with accident moments? Some people have serious accidents and it's very scary. We never know from moment to moment what can suddenly happen to us. So live each moment not taking things for granted and being thankful for important things like health, food, shelter, and having family and friends. 

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

The first of June when summer is on its way and Sharon has her birthday!

The first of JUNE is always significant to me. It means that the days are the longest in North America with plenty of daylight and that summer is on its way. It's also the birthday month of my favorite performer Judy Garland, and my close friend Sharon whom I've known since high school.

This morning I texted and called Sharon to wish her a "Happy Birthday." She was up bright and early preparing for her special day. She was going shopping, getting a hair cut, and looking forward to her outdoor BBQ. What was she having? Burgers and of course cake and ice cream. Sharon is an amazing woman. She has spent many years working in child care. Her heart is golden. She's a caring person who never tries to outshine anyone but instead remains humble and sweet. That's why I appreciate her friendship so much, because she always has a listening ear, gives great advice, and has profound wisdom. Soon she'll get the birthday gift I mailed her and I hope she likes it. 

Happy Birthday Sharon and thank you for being such an amazing friend. We're both Gemini's born in June and I value your friendship very much. I hope your birthday is grand and splendid and that all your dreams come true.

Let's be thankful for our friends, treasuring the moments we have with them, and remembering their birthday! 

It's June, June, June!

Pure Michigan, Adventures in the Upper Peninsula

Even though I was born and raised in Michigan I never appreciated it. Every state in America seemed better than Michigan. That's why I ended up living and working in other states; California, Colorado, Florida, Maine, Montana, New Jersey,  New York, and Vermont. I got to work in other countries too; Austria, Ireland, Norway, and Ukraine. So where am I now? 

When my Mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's my brother insisted that she be moved from Dearborn (a suburb of Detroit) where she had lived 40 years to Traverse City, in northern Michigan. I drove my Mother and her cat Sari from Dearborn to Traverse City where my brother had a rented house waiting for her. I was only supposed to stay in Traverse City three months while I helped my Mother get settled into her new community but I stayed much longer. Seven years to be exact. I still thankfully have my Mother but her Alzheimer's is quite advanced. She's in a wheelchair now and doesn't talk much but she does sing without lyrics.                                                                                                 

Since I stayed in Northern Michigan (for my Mother's sake) and managed to support myself with various jobs I've discovered that Michigan (particularly Northern Michigan) is an outdoor's paradise. Even though I still have the travel lust, I feel content in northern Michigan, "the land of milk and honey" with its fresh water lakes and pine trees. Yesterday my friend and I had to go to Wisconsin to get a pop up trailer. The drive over the Mackinac Bridge into Michigan's Upper Peninsula was breath-taking mile after mile. I was stunned at how gorgeous everything was. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan looked like a Scandinavian country, a touch of Sweden in the Midwest. The crown jewel was Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, gorgeous cliffs hovering over Lake Superior with plenty of hiking trails in lush green woods.

Yes, to think that now I find my most exhilarating adventures in the state I'm originally from. I guess you can go home, after all, for me it's Michigan, "Pure Michigan." A farewell to the other states I used to call home. Where do you live? Are you content with where you live? Enjoy your moments wherever you are living!

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Moments of Fear

I suppose it's normal to be fearful at times. One can be fearful of lots of things; getting arrested, flying in an airplane, confronting a grizzly bear, being stuck in an elevator, walking alone in an unfamiliar neighborhood in the dark, losing a job, becoming homeless...... Have you ever had a fearful moment?

Whatever problem you might be facing, try not to be too fearful, because fear robs you from living in the moment and enjoying the precious moments of life. When you feel fearful, read a scripture from the Holy Bible or take a walk in nature. Find ways to be peaceful and overcome anxiety. We live in a fast paced society full of responsibilities and at times it is challenging to keep up with everything but fear not because usually things will work out for the best.

Be Healthy, Be Faithful, Be Hopeful, Be Optimistic and Enjoy your Moments of Life!


Friday, April 23, 2021

Savoring a "Chocolate Chip Cookie" and Being Grateful for Another Person's Kindness!

 "Chocolate Chip Cookie Moments"

Sometimes a kind gesture enters our life when we least except it. I had a chaotic day yesterday at work. I was called into supervise at the last moment at work and knew I could't cancel my appointment with the optometrist that I had made weeks ago. What was I to do? The breaker for the sales advisors staff wasn't coming in either so I had to juggle two job responsibilities and still leave for an hour for my appointment.

It was all quite entertaining, having to change into a different pair of clothes, waiting for a friend to pick me up to take me to the optometrist since driving wasn't an option (I was getting my eyes dilated). Everything ran smoothly though, thanks to a team of people that had my back.

Well...when work was over, I was relieved to have some "me time" and decided to go to a strip mall that has my favorite natural foods market but I made a detour and went inside a bake shop. This bake shop is known for making some of the best breads, cinnamon rolls, and cookies in town. A warm-hearted woman was at the counter and I couldn't decide what to get so she asked "How about a chocolate chip cookie?"

There was a stack of chocolate chip cookies right in front of her. She took a dollar out of a tin and said "I want to buy a chocolate chip cookie for you because you're so nice." WOW....what an experience that was. She handed me the delicious looking chocolate chip cookies and I thanked her for being so thoughtful and sweet. It was such a lovely moment to be given something in such a sweet way.

When I got home I indulged in that chocolate chip cookie and it was truly one of the best chocolate chip cookies I ever had. This was a savoring moment and I'm grateful for the employee at "THE BAKE SHOP" on Garfield Avenue for ending my busy day with my favorite dessert, a chocolate chip cookie."

Have you ever had an experience like this? It certainly is a precious moment to be treated with kindness.



Chicken Moments!


I recently read that "Chick Fil A" is one of America's favorite fast food restaurants and that the chicken sandwiches are really addicting but did you ever meet a chicken or chickens? They're quite entertaining.

Last week I was drowning in depression and exhaustion. I took a short bus ride to the countryside and while walking down one of the streets ran into chickens who were slowly walking across the street. They were free ranging chickens that were heading to the front lawn of their lovely home. There were 3 of them and I could tell they were close friends. Those chickens brought a smile to my face especially when I realized that they were dear pets to the owners.

"Chicken Moments" is what I called my encounter last week. I got such a kick out of them and I bet these chickens don't have to worry about becoming a chicken sandwich at CHICK FIL A.

Today I wish to honor chickens who provide millions of eggs and meat to people around the globe. I myself would rather have them as a pet.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021


Tucked away in the quaint town of Harbor Springs, the white church across from the lake beckons those who want to come inside and pray. I vividly remember my first encounter with "Holy Childhood of Jesus" church seven years ago. It was a glorious summer day and I had just gone swimming at the public beach when I noticed the church. I went inside to say a prayer and I instantly felt at home. I later found out that the church doors stay open seven days a week from 7:00 am until 10:00 pm. Fifty years ago it was common for a church to stay open most of the day but not so much these days especially during a pandemic. Harbor Springs however is an idyllic town that rarely has any                 crime. It's a very safe place and they also happen to have the best
cookie shop in America here too, (Tom's Mom's Cookies).

Today I found myself back in Harbor Springs with a friend who has visited the church before. I insisted that we go inside "Holy Childhood of Jesus" church and that's exactly what we did. It was so peaceful inside, we had the whole church to ourselves, we prayed, lit a few candles, and sat inside the church for several minutes while we counted our blessings. Easter Sunday just passed and the church was still filled with lilies. It was hard to leave but we promised to return again in the near future and cherish the moments of visiting a church that rarely closes.

When you want a quiet place to prayer, an open church is truly a blessing. Ironically my car was having some trouble before my friend and I entered the church but shortly after we left, we got into the car and the check engine light stopped flashing. We returned home safe and sound.

                              Tom's Mom Cookies in Harbor Springs (Simply the best)