Friday, November 29, 2013

Thankful on Thanksgiving

Most Americans get together on Thanksgiving Day to eat a meal around the table and count their blessings but I always enjoys helping others less fortunate during this particular holiday.The last few years I've been helping serve food on Thanksgiving to those who can't afford food or don't have family or friends to share Thanksgiving with. It always feels good to do something good for someone without expecting anything in return.

What I've learned from those less fortunate is that I need to express "gratitude" everyday for the things I do have. A few days ago this lesson was reinforced to me when I attended a church service honoring "Thanksgiving." The pastor gave a beautiful sermon on being thankful for even the simplest of things like being able to drink a cup of water or having a bed to sleep on.
After her heartfelt sermon all of us were asked to fill out the attached blank card in our programs and answer these two questions; "

#1  Which of your talent and skills can you offer to this world in a sincere way?

#2  What are some of the blessings in your life to be thankful for?

Afterwards everyone put their answers into a big basket in front of the church and remained silent for many moments reflecting. Then the pastor had everyone get up to sing a song of praise and ended the service by telling everyone "Let's express gratitude everyday for the things we have and share our talents to serve others." Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish anyone reading this post blessings of happiness, health, and love.

H A P P Y     T H A N K S G I V I N G

Friday, November 22, 2013

Stepping Back in Time

This afternoon I took a drive on beautiful Old Mission Peninsula in Northern Michigan and enjoyed moment upon moment of pure nature. There were cherry tree fields, farms, cozy shops, and wineries dotted across the peninsula. What really captivated me was the village of "Old Mission" because there I encountered a breath-taking beach, the charming "Old Mission Inn" and an awesome store called "Old Mission General Store." I felt miles away from the high tech modern world and so in tune with simple things that made me want to step back in time.

So if you need a break from life's stresses go ahead and connect with nature and find a place to step back in time.

                                                                              ENJOY EVERYDAY MOMENTS!

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Try to smile at someone at least once a day because that little smile can make all the difference in the world.

I smiled at a stranger today who looked really gloomy and that stranger smiled back at me and said "thanks for throwing me a smile it's just what I needed."

A little hug at L U S H

Yesterday I was feeling very discouraged by people's negativity until I walked into a shop called "LUSH." There I met two of the friendliest staff in the entire shopping mall. They smiled at me and had such a positive attitude. I didn't even buy anything but one of them had me sit down and gave me a 5 minute hand scrub and massage. I even got a little hug afterwards as the employee said "Stay communicated with people in person not by a smartphone."

Another employee recommended a stop at a chocolate shop where they were giving away "free chocolate truffles." Of course I stopped and had a truffle. I smiled afterwards not because the chocolate truffle was so incredibly tasting but because I came across two encouraging people that believed that everyone deserves a little encouragement and a hug.

From now on I'm shopping at LUSH!

Friday, October 4, 2013

To every disadvantage there's an advantage!

It's been said "to every disadvantage there's an advantage and to every advantage there's a disadvantage."

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Last Swim

I'm often told that I'm part mermaid because I love to swim. Only problem is that right now I don't live anywhere close to a lake and all the outdoor pools are closed for the season. So...I drove 50 miles yesterday to a place called "Dibrova" my childhood alma mater. I got a late start, got stuck in traffic, and turned on the wrong road on my way to "Dibrova." I almost wanted to give up and turn back but I kept visualizing that spring lake that I've been swimming in since I was five and finally I made it to my destination "Dibrova."

Once there I was so happy to smell the fragrant pines and hang out with a bunch of Ukrainians who were having their annual picnic. I walked down the familiar path to the spring lake and jumped into the refreshing water. There were kids fishing off the dock but all I cared about was swimming in the water. I swam and swam like a fish. People were watching me swim and couldn't believe that I was the only person brave enough to swim in what they thought was cold water.

I swam the entire afternoon on all sides of the lake. I walked the wooded paths and visited all the familiar spots of "Dibrova; the campground, the cabin area, the barn, the fishing holes, the playground, the bonfire pit, the sandy beach, and much more. It was a disadvantage to have a frustrating drive to "Dibrova" with all the traffic and taking the wrong road but in the end the advantage was spending an entire afternoon breathing fresh air, mingling with fun people, and having the last swim of the season in a refreshing spring fed lake where I felt like a mermaid. It was my last swim of Indian summer.

Is there something you wish to do before the warm days melt away?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Fisherman

Having spent most of the day at home doing chores I was glad to take a drive to a nearby town and take a walk along the river. When I arrived to the cozy oasis of nature I saw quite a few fishermen with their rods in the river. I asked a fisherman how the fishing was and he replied "Not too bad today." What started off as a simple question to a young fisherman turned into a very stimulating conversation. We talked for about 45 minutes.

The guys name was Gregory and he told me that he's old fashioned. He rides his bicycle everywhere, doesn't own a phone, and never surfed the internet. He just enjoys living a simple kind of lifestyle.

I enjoyed my time with Gregory so much because I myself like the simple things and being immersed with nature as much as possible. How wonderful it was to connect with someone so much like myself. The greatest lesson I learned from Gregory was to always be kind to others and live a humble life. If only there were more Gregory's in the world.

Moments spent with humble and kind people is something to smile about. Have you met someone who made a difference in your life?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Having Purpose

"Oh how sweet it is to use our skills and talents to make the world a  better place."  Adrianna

Lately I've been using this little quote of mine to encourage people not to get down when times get tough. Sometimes it's hard to keep pressing on when things seem so gloomy. I'm no exception. Getting a job and keeping a job was never difficult for me until about five years ago. Since than I've been losing my self worth from all the rejections I get. It hurts to be rejected and unwanted in the working world. The last I heard "12 million Americans are looking for work." That's a pretty high percentage.

So like those other unemployed 12 million Americans I do my best to get by. I teach yoga part time and even though I don't make much money I get the satisfaction of helping others feel better. Often when I finish my yoga class a student or two approaches me and says:

"Thanks for helping me relax."  "Your classes have helped my body get more flexible." 

"I feel healthier now that I take yoga."  "You're so attentive and caring with your students."

I'll never have the success or fame of Jennifer Aniston. Beyonce, or Oprah Winfrey but as a simple unknown person who exists on this planet it really is sweet to share one of my skills in this big vast world. Don't ever get down because every skill & talent is important in this universe and all of us are part of that puzzle that keeps the world going. This is all part of having purpose.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The boy in the wheelchair!

The other day I was wallowing in self-pity while taking a walk in a park. Next to the park a bunch of boys were playing soccer at a school field. They were having fun but what caught my eye was the young boy who was circling around the field in his wheelchair. The poor little boy was paralyzed and couldn't walk let alone play soccer but he had a smile on his face because his peers encouraged him to be part of the game even though he was in a wheelchair. He circled around the field in his wheelchair feeling like he really was part of the game.

Those few moments really touched my heart. Sometimes we find ourselves complaining about silly things like being stuck in traffic or having a bad day at work.  My self-pity vanished when I saw how a young boy had enthusiasm trying to play soccer even though he was confined to a wheelchair.

Let's be thankful for the blessings we have!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Rejection

Today is the birthday of someone who rejected me. Although rejection hurts, it's part of life. Everyone at some point in their life has to deal with a rejection. Rejection has taught me to have dignity and grace. Eventually the pain of rejection goes away. I'm thankful for all the rejections I've had throughout life because it taught me that I can't have everything I want in life. 

Therefore I accept the moments I must have of:

R  E  J  E  C  T  I  O N

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Goodbye to Summer

Although summer doesn't end until the 21st of September on the calendar for most people it ends on Labor Day. The days begin to shorten and cool down, children go back to school, the public beaches and swimming pools no longer have lifeguards on duty and the ice cream shops close earlier. 

I'm so thankful for a handful of idyllic summer days that came my way this past summer of 2013. It's the simple things that make summer so special like swimming in the lake, hiking a mountain, attending a free outdoor concert, having a picnic in a park, taking a bicycle ride or making some fresh squeezed lemonade.

Although we have to bid summer goodbye  it's nice to have a few memories of those summer moments that stand out in our mind. I hope everyone has had some sweet summer memories.

Goodbye to Summer!

Monday, September 2, 2013

A trip down memory lane

Stowe, Vermont                   
I'll never forget that summer in Stowe, Vermont that still leaves me with vivid memories. It was my dream to see the Trapp Family Lodge and hike Mount Mansfield so one June day I got on the train with just a bag of clothes and headed to Stowe. What I thought would only be a three day visit turned out to be two months of the best summer of my life.

I was staying at a hostel near Stowe and the managers girlfriend told me about a job opening at a bed & breakfast in Stowe. I called the innkeeper to inquire about a position. To my surprise she met me in town and had a quick interview with me in a restaurant parking lot. I was hired on the spot and the following day I arrived at "The Siebeness Country Inn" to begin my job on a Sunday afternoon. I had a multitude of everyday tasks; serving breakfast, washing dishes, cleaning rooms, taking care of reservations, giving tours of the inn, mingling with the guests, baking homemade cookies, cleaning the swimming pool, walking the dog  and so on. 

The innkeepers were kind to me and treated me like a daughter. I even had my own private room which made me really feel at home especially since I was needed at the inn at all hours of the day. I didn't have a car but that was fine because biking and walking around Stowe was enjoyable. I had a friend who had a car and he often took me on all kinds of adventures in and around Stowe. He was the coolest guy I ever knew and he taught me that life is meant to be enjoyed.

After I left Stowe that summer to return back to college I was very sad to leave behind such a special place as Stowe, Vermont where I had felt accepted by others and was happy. But all things come to an end and it was time to press forward so I thought.

A few years later I returned to Stowe, Vermont where I appeared in several plays with the local playhouse. I was cast in my favorite role of Maria Von Trapp in "The Sound of Music" and I returned to "The Siebeness" for a visit with the innkeepers who had come to see me as Maria in "The Sound of Music."

An inner voice told me long ago that I had to go to Stowe, Vermont and I'm so glad I listened to that inner voice because I was blessed with an unforgettable summer. It's been many years since that idyllic summer long ago at "The Siebeness" but in some ways time does stand still. I returned to Stowe, Vermont this August for a couple of days and felt like I had returned home. Not much had changed and Stowe was still as beautiful as ever. When I climbed to the top of my beloved Mount Mansfield I sang a few songs from "The Sound of Music." I also thought about the scene in the movie in which the Reverend Mother asks Maria "What is the most important thing you've learned here at the abbey?" and Maria replies "to do the will of GOD and to do it wholeheartedly." That was it that's all I needed to repeat over and over again "Please show me your will GOD and let me do it wholeheartedly." As I stood on top of Mount Mansfield I asked for a sign or an angel to appear in my life by the end of the day to let me know what to do. My answer came that evening when a complete stranger at a cafe started to talk to me about Stowe and said "No matter where you've been or where you've lived in the past or present; California, New York, Colorado, Wyoming etc you know in the end you'll come back to where you truly belong Stowe, Vermont.

It's beautiful to know that all of us have that place in the world where we belong and even though we may face some setbacks and disappointments in that place there's nothing more satisfying than the feeling of belonging someplace in this world. For me that place is Stowe, Vermont.

Is there a place that feels like home to you? Are there memories of a place that brought happiness to you when you were there? I think we all have that place somewhere in the world where we belong and feel accepted. Sometimes you have to take those moments to take a trip down memory lane and find the answer.

Afterthought: In 2012 and 2011 I spent several months on staff at a yoga retreat house in Kitzbuhel, Austria. My tasks were very similar to what they were in Stowe, Vermont years earlier except that in Austria I also taught yoga and led hikes through the Austrian Alps. It was a lifelong dream to spend time living and working in Austria. My love for Austria and "The Sound of Music" was what drew me to Stowe, Vermont in the first place. Two places; one in Europe the other in the United States and yet both share similarities; bicycle trails, cows grazing in the meadow, goats on the hilltop, glorious mountains for hiking and skiing, lakes for swimming and lots of lodging options. Reverend Mother was right "Climb Every Mountain till you find your Dream!

          A U S T R I A


Saturday, August 31, 2013

A New Adventure


Kayaking has always been one of my favorite water sports but this afternoon I embarked on a whole new adventure by trying paddle boarding. I honestly didn't think I would be able to stand on the paddle board but a few people in the water motivated me to stand up and I did. For a whole hour I stood on that paddle board paddling the beautiful waters of Grand Traverse Bay in Michigan and I didn't fall in the water once. Perhaps my balance was good because I teach and practice yoga or perhaps my love for water made it easier to harmonize with the paddle board. Whatever it was I'm thrilled that I gave paddle boarding a chance because I really liked it.

So... capture those moments of a new adventure because life is short.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Perfect Summer Place

                                                     Schroon Lake, New York 

Last week I arrived at the perfect summer place called Schroon Lake. It's in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. Whatever worries I brought with me quickly disappeared. My friend and I rented a cabin on the lake and every chance I had I swam and swam like a fish. We watched the sunsets in the evening and enjoyed talking to other guests at the bonfire. We had a delightful picnic with foods purchased at the local supermarket and enjoyed visiting some of the shops on the idyllic Main Street. There's something very magical about Schroon Lake that makes you want to stay as long as you can. The tasty ice cream cones at the Stewarts shop, the refreshing lake for swimming, the hiking trails, the outdoor concerts, the old fashioned Main Street, the friendly folks and just walking around the whole area with no need for a car.

Every now and than people stumble across a place that melts away their problems for a short time and such was the case with my few days in beautiful Schroon Lake. The moment I'll remember the most was when the pastor at the local church gave a sermon about "Hope." He explained that every human being faces suffering at one point in their life. He went on to say that "Suffering gives us endurance and strength to keep moving on and with that strength and endurance we seek hope and it's hope that keeps us going."

I've been left with some beautiful summer moments thanks to a few days spent in a classic little town called Schroon Lake that resembles a Norman Rockwell painting.  I hope that everyone gets a chance to spend a few days in a special place like Schroon Lake.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

An Idyllic Getaway

Summer just isn't summer without hanging out at the lake. I miss the days when I worked in Kitzbuhel, Austria and had a gorgeous lake to swim in close to where I lived.

I was delighted to discover a lake in Michigan where I'm currently living called "Silver Lake."
The moment I arrived I felt as if I was inside a fairy tail. The lake was surrounded by bluffs and cozy picnic spots. There was a concession stand with lots of fun snacks to eat as well as sandy volleyball courts and hiking paths. The lake had boat rentals and a small fishing pier but it was the lake itself that was the grand prize. I felt like a mermaid swimming in the lake hour after hour until the sun began to set and I knew I had to get out.

My little idyllic getaway rewarded me with so many happy moments; petting dogs, playing croquet with kids, eating watermelon and reading a book under the trees. If only everyday could have been this sweet.

When time permits reward yourself with an idyllic getaway on a warm summer day. Your troubles will melt away and you'll feel so relaxed. Everyone deserves an idyllic getaway that provides moments of sunny smiles.

The Swimming Pool

One thing I love to do is swim especially during the summer when the days are long and warm. I've made a point of swimming almost everyday. Each swimming day I've had thus far has rewarded me with  moments of bliss but today was especially terrific because when I arrived at the public pool in my neighborhood I realized that I had the entire pool to myself.  Hooray!

I jumped into the pool and swam lap after lap after lap enjoying the cool water against my body. I swam like a fish for a good 45 minutes. Eventually some kids showed up and they added fun to my swim because they were eating ice cream and being carefree.

When I finally got out of the pool I realized how lucky I was to have so many precious moments to swim to my hearts content in a lovely refreshing swimming pool.

Problems, Problems, Problems

Lately it seems that I'm around problems, problems and more problems; my friend just lost her job, another friend  is recovering from arm surgery, one of my friends sister recently had a heart attack and I myself have been struggling with a health issue and unemployment. My poor Mother is in beginning stages of dementia and taking care of her daily needs is stressful to me at times. But....despite all these problems life goes on. If life was smooth sailing each and everyday we wouldn't appreciate the beautiful moments that come along.

Problems will come and go throughout our life so the key is to stay strong and hold on to those good moments that bring a smile to our face and give us hope for a brighter future.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Baseball Game

Although my day started off a bit gloomy it all changed when I stumbled across a kids baseball game in a country setting. It must have been fate that led me to that game because I was longing to have a fun-filled summer day and I got my wish when I arrived at that baseball field.

Families and friends were sitting in lounge chairs and in bleachers watching the exciting baseball game, music was playing in the background, hot dogs were grilling at the concession stand and some kids were handing out free cups of fresh squeezed lemonade. Off in the distance were maple trees surrounding a pretty swimming hole and the sounds of barking dogs.

I sat in the bleachers and watched the baseball game which brought memories of a carefree summer I once had in beautiful Stowe, Vermont. Within the next several moments there were so many things that reminded me of that special summer I had long ago. I felt like a kid again and realized that sometimes it's ok to take a few moments to act and feel like a kid.

Monday, July 22, 2013

A Lending Hand

The cashier had just rung up my items which came to a total of $21.67. I had forgotten that I had used my $20.00 earlier for gasoline. Since this market only accepted cash I had to ask the cashier to take back a few items.  Just as the cashier began voiding the items I didn't have enough money for a customer approached me and said "I'd be happy to pay for the items you aren't able to purchase." I smiled at her and said "No it's OK but I appreciate the kind gesture."

How touching it was for a complete stranger to lend a hand and offer to pay for my items. As touched as I was I just couldn't accept the offer but I did learn from this experience that there are still very kind people out there who are willing to help a person in need. Those few moments in the grocery line were very touching to me! 

If ever the moment permits wouldn't it be nice to offer a kind gesture towards a stranger?

Adrianna for "Everyday Moments"

Sunday, July 7, 2013


                           H A R P E R S   F E R R Y

I never thought in a million years when I got off the train in Harpers Ferry that I'd be rewarded with the best 4th of July I ever had in my lifetime.

This historic town with beautiful scenery certainly knows how to celebrate the 4th of July. You can visit the battlefield, stroll the lovely streets, explore the extraordinary Civil War era buildings, soak in the refreshing Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers by wading or tubing, hike the beautiful Appalachian Trail and so much more.
There's band music performed by the Marines, American flags flying across town and hot dogs grilling. Many of the charming homes date back to the 1800's and are historical treasures.

The Women's Club of Harpers Ferry were ever gracious during the 4th of July. They had an amazing picnic with delicious hot dogs, potato chips, watermelon, and a variety of home-baked cookies. Beverages were also included and this feast of goods on a paper plate only cost one U.S. dollar per person. (The best deal in all of West Virginia if not all of America).  This was a deal that couldn't be beat. Locals and tourists alike gathered around the gazebo to listen to the bandstand perform patriotic music while eating the delicious picnic food.

The whole town felt blissfully happy as they celebrated America's Birthday. I met so many kind people during my short time in Harpers Ferry. I even made a couple of friends. The people of Harpers Ferry certainly know how to put on a spectacular 4th of July and I thank them for blessing me with an unforgettable day. Harpers Ferry las left me with unforgettable moments.


Monday, June 10, 2013

An act of kindness!!!

KINDNESS is hard to forget. I know I won't forget the kindness I received yesterday. After a jam packed week of responsibilities I was drained and needed a mini escape to the lake so I drove 40 miles to a wonderful lake called Pickerel.

Once there I could immediately feel my stresses melting away; fresh air, lots of trees, hiking trails galore, and one of the cleanest lakes around. I did some yoga on the beach, took a long swim and than decided to hike the trails.

Well I got a bit lost and miles later found myself transported to another world. I ended up at another lake called Silver Lake. The place was majestic; families picnicking, kids swimming in the lake, a bustling concession stand with the smell of hot dogs grilling, sailing boats and lots of sugary sand. Although I was lost I felt so comfortable among the strangers who took pictures of me swimming and offered me some potato chips. 

Within minutes of getting out of the lake, a middle-aged man who was with his kids started to chat with me. I told him I was lost and didn't know how to get back to Pickerel Lake. He told me he was heading home with his kids and would drive me back to Pickerel Lake. Rick was his name and his adorable sweet children were called Carly and Harrison. As he drove me back to Pickerel Lake in his SUV we had a great conversation. I felt as if I was with family and yet Rick,Carly,and Harrison were complete strangers. 

                     Pickerel Lake

It would have been a very long walk back to Pickerel Lake from Silver Lake but thanks to the kindness of Rick I was able to get back to where my car was parked at Pickerel Lake quite quickly. 

It's so refreshing to know that there are still people out there who are kind. Kindness is one of the nicest gestures we can offer one another.

Let's all take moments of our life to offer a bit of KINDNESS to a person and spread some cheer.

Who can you be kind to today?

             Magical Crystal Lake; swimming with
             a new friend!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Help when Help is Needed!

My life has changed a lot since moving away from metropolis New York City. Now I live in a suburb of Detroit where getting around without a car is very challenging; the opposite of New York City where driving a car can be nerve wrecking.

Yesterday I needed to get my eyes dilated and knew I couldn't drive home alone. My family members were out of town, my friends were all working and I needed someone to help drive me home. Just when I was ready to give up I received a call from a friend of the family whose over 80 years old named Jerry.  I asked Jerry if he would mind driving me and picking me up from the hospital where I had my eye doctor appointment and Jerry said "Yes, no problem, I'll take you there and back."

One of the most beautiful gifts in life is to have a friend help us when we're in need and that's exactly what Jerry did, he helped me in my time of need.

What a blessing to have people like "JERRY" in our lives. Let's all appreciate our friends who are there for us in time of need.  Our moments with friends are truly a gift!

Monday, June 3, 2013


Recently a friend and I were returning from a long drive. We stopped at the service station to get some gasoline. Just as I was heading inside to pay for the gasoline I saw a middle aged guy carrying lots of soda cans in a plastic bag. His hands were full, yet as he saw me approaching he opened the door and acknowledged me to go inside the building. 

I was so touched by this simple gesture of kindness. I smiled and thanked the man than payed for the gasoline. It's simple moments as this one that I cherish.

I hope each of you meet a stranger who does something kind for you. Let's spread the kindness.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

A change of plans....

Today more than anything I wanted to visit the cemetery where my father's buried. Today was the wedding anniversary of my parents and on the 27th of May quite a few years back my father passed away. Today just seemed like the appropriate day to visit my father's grave.

I took my mother with me and half way there a tremendous down pour of rain made the visibility on the freeway almost impossible. I was lucky to get off at a nearby exit and stop the car at a service station until the storm ended.

About ten minutes later the rain stopped but my Mother no longer wanted to drive another 30 miles to the cemetery. So I made a turn out of the gasoline station onto a street called CONANT. Talking about a bliss divine intervention. I could tell my FATHER was there with my MOTHER and myself because back when my Mother came to visit my father in Detroit from New York State one of the first places he took her to was his favorite pizzeria on Conant Street.

                                                             My father's favorite pizzeria

Conant Street was always significant to my father because his favorite pizzeria "BUDDY'S" was located there. After he married my MOTHER they still often went to "BUDDY'S" on Conant Street to eat pizza. So even though we didn't make it to the cemetery today we were able to reflect on our memory of him by stumbling across a street he often spent time on.

I truly believe that the storm that guided us away from driving all the way to the cemetery brought us exactly to the place my father wanted us to be; Conant Street. It's amazing how moments of life really to give us answers and guide us to where we need to be.

C O N A N T      S T R E E T

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

When one door closes, another opens

One of my most favorite places in the whole world is A U S T R I A. I just can't get enough of the ALPS, the cows, the goats, the swimming lakes, and great hiking trails not to mention the idyllic villages with their quaint shops and amazing bakeries, the sounds of cuckoo birds and church bells are a delight to my ears and the friendly people who greet me with a smile really make my day.

                             Amazing Austria

It's no wonder I enjoyed every minute of my time working in Kitzbuhel, Austria in 2011 and 2012. Austria and I share a deep connection and I so much wanted to return back again for yet another working season of 2013. I was all set to go and than a door closed on me and my dream of returning to my beloved Austria was shattered.

As much as I want to be back in those Austrian Alps taking in that magnificent scenery I must await patiently another time to return and work there again. In the meantime I accept the closed door and know that somehow, someway another door will open and I'll land again in a magical place like AUSTRIA where I can be happy again.

For every human being deserves to be someplace special that makes them feel alive, accepted, and happy. If you could pick that place where would it be? 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Remembering MOTHER'S DAY

                                                                                     My MOTHER'S homemade cake!

Just as I had hoped, I was able to spend MOTHER'S DAY with my MOTHER. I made her day special by cooking for her, showering her with flowers, and baking her a cake. I could tell she was pleased with her day. 

 I wish I could make everyday MOTHER'S DAY for her but that isn't always possible. I'm so happy that we had MOTHER'S DAY to share together this past MOTHER'S DAY.

Thank Goodness for digital camera's that allow us to capture those moments and those bright photo's that leave us with memories. My memories of all those special times with my MOTHER will stay with me until my dying day.

                                         My MOTHER on MOTHER'S DAY!

Starbucks & Debbie

This afternoon I stopped into a Starbucks and asked for a sample of the new "Blond Roast." I was expecting just a tiny cup sample but instead the barista poured me a generous cup of the "Blond Roast"  and recommended trying it with a few drops of vanilla syrup which I did.

What a beautiful moment it was to enter Starbucks wanting to try the new "Blond Roast" and given a generous sample with kindness and warmth by Debbie the barista.

STARBUCKS and its customers are very fortunate to have such a shining star employee as Debbie who brightened my day by greeting me with a big smile and friendly "May I help you?" When I asked for a sample she rewarded me with something I just wasn't expecting. 

How nice it is to know that every now and then someone can make all the difference in just a few moments. This was the case with the amazing STARBUCKS barista Debbie who deserves high praises for being so awesome.

Thank You Starbucks and Thank You Debbie!

                My cup of "Blond Roast" coffee

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Yesterday I just couldn't seem to get myself out of the house because I wasn't feeling well. Finally around 9:00 pm I decided to take a ride on my bicycle and get some air. As I approached a familiar neighborhood I couldn't believe all the traffic and noise. Obviously something was going on, an outdoor church festival.

When I saw all the exciting rides and glittering lights I felt like a kid again. This mini amusement park festival was filled with an energetic crowd that was eating, drinking, playing games, and taking rides.  I never saw so many happy people gathered in one place. 

Just a few moments hanging out at the festival cheered me up and made me feel like a young kid again. Sometimes it really pays to be at the right place at the right time especially when you're feeling down. Such was the case on yesterday when unhappy moments turned into happy moments.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


May is the month that my dear Father died and I plan on visiting the cemetery where's he buried very soon. However today was almost like foreshadowing because I happened to pass by a cemetery on my bicycle this morning.

As I stepped inside the cemetery I could tell the arrival of Spring was here. The whole cemetery was in full bloom; deep green colored grass, yellow dandelions, and maple trees all sitting on hilly terrain. As I walked through the cemetery I observed a variety of different headstones of remembrance; lieutenants who served in the armed forces, husbands and wifes buried next to each other, young children who left the earth far too young, there was even a Hollywood movie star buried next to his parents. Some of these people lived long lives and others short lives. There was a baby girl who was born on September 11, 1932 and died on April 5, 1933 (such a short life) and a man born on April 22, 1902 who died on August 17, 2000 (he was given a long life).

Spending time in that cemetery made me realize how every human being has their alloted time on earth. None of us know when we're born how long or short our time on earth will be but one things for certain we should enjoy those moments and days that we do have to the fullest.

Into each life some rain must fall!

Sometimes life really is a big roller coaster ride of up and downs.. It's been that way for me for a few years now . I know there are people out there that have it far worse than I do but there's also people who have it a lot better. Lately I seem to be surrounded by people that seem to have it all. I hope they appreciate what they have because it can be taken away so quickly and without warning. That's why it's so important not to take things for granted and to be thankful for beautiful blessings such as being able to see, touch, feel, and hear, being able to walk, and having dear friends and family that love you for who you are.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was so accurate when he wrote the words "Into each life some rain must fall."  When that rain does fall it takes courage and strength to keep going but it's those sad moments and setbacks that make us appreciate the beautiful moments we get along our life journey.

So if your life has had some rain be strong and have the faith to believe that the sun will shine again.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Celebrate your MOTHER!

With Mother's Day just around the corner a lot of children will probably take their Mother out to a restaurant to celebrate the special occasion. I feel very blessed to have the Mother I have. She's been there for me through thick and thin, now it's my time to reciprocate. Fortunately these days we're living in the same town so I make a point of really enjoying as much quality time as I can with her. My mother is not going to be around forever so now's the time for me to enjoy those moments with her and honor her as if everyday is MOTHER'S DAY!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the amazing mother's throughout the world!!!!

                               My Mother on her Birthday!

Those Moments of Spring!

The other day a friend picked me up and brightened my day by taking me out to lunch. Afterwards we stopped at a huge park located on the riverfront. Although this park is nestled outside a major city it felt like it was miles away from noise and pollution. In that one hour I spent in the park  I was able to talk to some cheerful fisherman, do some yoga poses on the lush green grass, smell the fragrant just bloomed cherry blossoms, and visit a botanical garden. Spring had sprung that day and everything was so fresh and alive. Those moments when so many things become alive again during the onset of spring are moments to cherish. It's in Spring when the flowers and trees blossom, it's in Spring when many animals are born, and it's in spring that the days become long and sunny making it a pleasure to be outdoors. Let's enjoy those moments of SPRING!!!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Two cats hanging out in a Jeep!

My cats are pretty adventurous so this evening I couldn't resist putting them in my brothers Jeep which is full of furniture. I thought they'd only hang out in my brothers jeep for a few moments but no such thing. It's four hours later and they're still in the Jeep having some lazy time.

My brother captured this cute moment with his I-Phone. Should the cats stay here at home or take a long journey with 
my brother back to his place in his Jeep? Only time will tell what the cats want to do. For now they're enjoying lots of precious moments.

Monday, April 29, 2013


The other evening I went ballroom dancing and on one of the walls was a poem written by Cesare Pavese that said:

I stood and gazed at those few words for several moments because I felt as if the universe was trying to persuade me to keep writing my blog on "Everyday Moments." Moments pass us by continuously and there's so much to remember about those moments as we reflect on our past.

As I danced away on the hard wood floor doing the waltz, swing, tango, and salsa I couldn't help but think about those moments when I first learned to ballroom dance and how it brought me much happiness. One particular happiness occurred several  summers ago in Stowe, Vermont when I was teaching my friend to waltz during a Mozart concert performed at the Trapp Family Lodge by the Vermont Symphony Orchestra. Those moments dancing with him were one of the happiest moments of my life and I'll remember those moments until I die.

How wonderful it is to know that our minds our equipped to "remember moments."

Who was Cesare Pavese?

Mr. Cesare Pavese was an Italian poet, critic, novelist, and translator (educated in Turin, Italy). Most of his works were short stories and novellas. He certainly had a way with words.

Cesare Pavese
Born: 1908
Died: 1950

Adrianna (Travel World)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Squirrel

         My friend; the squirrel                                                       

Just as I was pulling into the driveway, my friend dashed in front of my car awaiting her treats. I quickly went to grab some peanuts and the sweet creature stood on her hind legs cracking and eating her peanuts.

She gazed at me with her beautiful eyes and I could almost hear her trying to say; "Thanks for being kind and feeding me." I enjoyed watching her eat gracefully and quietly.

Those moments with my friend, the squirrel will remain unforgettable.

Friday, April 19, 2013

A Day Trip

On Wednesday I boarded the Amtrak train at 6:51 am for a day trip to a college town called Ann Arbor. It was one of the most fun-filled days I've had all year because so many interesting people and things came my way.

I can't believe how much I packed into my 8 hour day; food tastings at Zingerman's Deli, research at the U of M law school library, a visit to two museums, an Indian lunch buffet meal, mingling with shop-keepers, trying on vintage clothing, finding the perfect pair of shoes at a unique shoe shop, brisk walking around the university campus, a cup of tea at a tea shop, attending a lecture, and a half hour of bliss in a  serene book shop. The best part came when I was seeking an answer to a question that was pondering in my mind the entire day. I got my answer at the book shop when I looked through some angel cards and randomly trusted the universe to help me choose the two cards that would give me the answer. What was the answer? Be Bold and Be Strong

Just what I needed to hear because I've been so shy and timid these past few months and I long for a new beginning of adventure. My day in Ann Arbor of interaction with unique people and situations opened my eyes to a bright new world that taught me a lesson: Be Bold, Be Strong, and Take Chances.

The world is full of amazing people that can inspire us to be the best we can at any moment. So my moments of despair are now turing into moments of hope for a bright new future thanks to an inspiring day in Ann Arbor.

Monday, April 15, 2013

A simple "Hello"

Yesterday I took a rather long bike ride to get my heart pumping. While biking through a residential neighborhood a young girl who was biking alone gave me a big smiley "Hello." I was caught off guard but I found it to be so heart-warming and gave her a big smiley "Hello" back. Moments later I saw another young girl who was riding her bicycle with her father walking alongside her.  I gave her a quick gaze as I paddled along the street and she gave me a loud cheerful "H E L L O."

I really wasn't expecting any "hello's" that evening and yet two different young girls who were complete strangers didn't find it strange to give a woman riding a bicycle a sweet "Hello." That's what I call a precious moment.

                H  E  L  L  O


Sunday, April 14, 2013

A stray cat called BC

BC first started coming to our backyard during the cold winter month of December. He was big so we named him "Big Cat." For several weeks BC came by every evening at about the same time to get fed. The poor guy was very hungry and we knew he was a stray. No matter how hard we tried to get close to him he just wouldn't warm up to us. He would eat his bowl of food and disappear until his next meal.

As time went out we slowly began to bond with the "Big Cat." BC would spend longer periods of time in the backyard & driveway keeping warm on the cozy rug we provided for him. BC allowed us to get closer and closer as time went on.

My moment of happiness occurred last night during a rainstorm. In the middle of the night I could hear loud meowing. Suddenly BC appeared at my bedroom window asking to come inside the house. I opened the window and let the guy inside. Although he didn't stay long it was the beginning of trust between a stray cat and a human. I'm waiting for the day when BC curls up next to me on my bed and purrs. I have a feeling that someday that will happen because "all things are possible" in this world.

                                                B.C.  The Stray Cat I Love

Friday, April 12, 2013

20 minutes of bliss at "The Boston Tea Room"

Although I try to minimize my multi-tasking habits it's not always easy. This was the case yesterday when a flood of responsibilities fell upon me one after another. I just needed a little break and my 20 minutes of bliss came to me when I walked through the doors of "The Boston Tea Room."

"The Boston Tea Room" is not a place for afternoon tea and scones, it's a new age shop where you can purchase items such as aromatherapy candles, books, hand lotions, and tarot cards. They offer tarot card readings, meditation, Reiki energy healing, various workshops, yoga classes. Visitors can sit and relax at one of the tables and sip on a cup of complimentary tea.

My intention of walking into "The Boston Tea Room" was to leave my yoga teaching certificate with one of the staff members in hopes of being contacted to teach yoga there. The young woman at the counter was so helpful and kind. She had me jot down some information for the yoga teaching position and then told me I could have some tea and hang out a bit if I liked and that's exactly what I did. I helped myself to a soothing cup of peach green tea and sat in a quiet corner drinking my tea. On the table was an interesting question and answer board game called MYSTIC EYE. You ask a question and move the pendulum and get the answer to all kinds of questions you might be seeking. I was thrilled with the answers I got from the "MYSTIC EYE" game.

Moments later a woman was standing near my table and we began chatting. I had always wanted to get certified to do REIKI healing energy and this woman happened to be a REIKI master. She told me where I could take classes for very little money. Hooray! this was great!

Amazing how in life we go into a place by chance or intuition and it rewards us with some very positive things. In those 20 minutes at "The Boston Tea Room" all my stress disappeared, I felt relaxed and I got some answers to the questions I was seeking, not that's what I call "bliss divine."

I'd like to share a few phrases to ponder on for a few moments; courtesy of The Boston Tea Room.

"Worry is a misuse of imagination"

"You don't have to do more to be more"

"Forget all the reasons why it won't work and believe the one reason why it will"



Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fish, Frogs, Turtles, and LEE

It was a gloomy early afternoon when I left the fitness club where I teach yoga, nevertheless I was eager to take a brisk walk along the busy commercial street and check out some prospective places to look for a part time job. It began to rain and I got a bit wet so I decided to walk into a tropical fish shop.

The whole place made me feel like I was on a Hawaiian tropical island, hundreds of exotic fish inside tanks in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Suddenly the owner of the shop appeared in his wheelchair. The poor man had no feet but he had a big smile on his face. He had such enthusiasm for his reptiles and pointed out to me where a lot of them came from; Africa, Australia, Mexico, Brazil.....and so on. His name was Lee and although he had a handicap it didn't stop him from having a zest for life. I was so inspired by Lee that I intent to write a little story about him and his shop.

In that short time I spent in the tropical fish shop I got to meet some sweet turtles with adorable faces, and a whole colony of bright green colored candy frogs. I observed those tiny creatures and could tell that they were seeking companionship and friendship with each other just like humans do. Some of them were even paired together and cuddling together. It was such a beautiful sight to behold.

Amazing how a short visit to a tropical fish shop opened my eyes to a marine world run by a man named Lee who despite not being able to walk is able to touch the lives of those who walk into his shop.