Thursday, October 20, 2016

Chicken Pot Pie Moments

Sometimes you find what you need in the most unexpected places. That's called "Sweet Moments"

                               Chicken Pot Pie Moments
                               Amazing "Chicken Pot Pie" made by master chef Sherry

After getting caught in a windy rainstorm with nothing on but shorts and a sweatshirt I was longing for something warm and comforting. I found it in a family run supermarket called Deering's in the little village of Empire in Northern Michigan. Just as I approached the back kitchen master chef Sherry was taking her handmade chicken pot pies out of the oven.

                    This is the kitchen where "comfort food" is made from scratch.

"Wow those look delicious" I said in amazement.

"Yes everyone loves Tuesdays when I make my famous chicken pot pies." replied Sherry.

Within a few minutes I had a chicken pot pie in hand and found a dry place to sit outdoors and enjoy what truly was the perfect comfort food on a cloudy day homemade "chicken pot pie." A flaky buttery crust with a rich cream filling filled with carrots, corn, potatoes, and peas. Every bite was a little piece of heaven and just as I was getting to the very end of my chicken pot pie the sun came through the clouds and warmth filled my entire body.

An hour later I was on my bicycle with the rainfall long gone and nothing but the sun shining on the lovely trail that meandered through the colorful foliage of late October in Northern Michigan. As for chicken pot pie? I'll be making some very soon to share with friends who like comfort food moments!

                          My own personal chicken pot pie, piping hot and absolutely delicious.