Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Summer Moments (Don't let them pass you by)

"Summer only comes but once a year so don't let this summer pass you by without rewarding yourself with the simple things that make summer the best season of them all."

Summer, a season where the days are extra long and warm, when an ice cream cone tastes extra special and the sunrise and sunset is glorious. So many activities going on in the summer like baseball games, picnic's, and outdoor concerts. Don't let this summer pass you by without having some sweet summer moments. 

#1    Go to the beach and enjoy some water sports.
#2    Go to the mountains and take a hike.
#3    Go camping.
#4    Take a bicycle ride through the countryside.
#5    Have a picnic.
#6    Have a bonfire with a singalong and eat s'mores.
#7    Play a game of bocce or croquet on the lawn.
#8    Have a refreshing swim in a lake.
#9    Go fishing.
#10   Enjoy a baseball game or outdoor concert.
#11   Read a good book on a relaxing hammock.
#12   Eat an ice cream cone.
#13   Go to an amusement park.
#14   Go to the country fair.
#15   Take a yoga class outdoors.
#16   Pick some berries at a local farm.
#17   Make a delicious fruit pie to share with friends.
#18   Shop at your local farmers market.
#19   Start your own little herb and vegetable garden.
#20   Have an outdoor BBQ.
#21   Take a boat ride.
#22   Take a road trip.
#23   Volunteer a few hours of your time for a worthy cause.
#24    Feed the birds.
#25    Pick some flowers.
#26.   Attend a summer camp or summer program.
#27   Visit your local library.
#28    Learn an instrument.
#29    Write a poem.
#20    Sing in the church choir.
#21    Count your blessings.
#22    Be grateful for having important things like good health, food, and shelter.
#22    Find moments to be cheerful and enjoy the long days of summer.
#23    Wake up at early and watch the sunrise.
#23    Take a picture of the sunset and look forward to more summer days!
#24    Be grateful and trust GOD!

                              Enjoy some awesome recipes from "The Summer Book" by Susan Branch!

Summer only comes but once a year so take time to enjoy your summer and have some precious summer moments.


Bocce Moments (A game of precision)

First played in ancient Rome, BOCCE is a game of precision in which a player rolls their bocce ball on a level surface such as an asphalt court or natural soil. Consisting of anywhere between2-8 players on a team each player is given a bocce ball. 

The object of the game is to get your bocce ball as close as possible to the small ball known as the boccino or pallino. The player or team to do this is the winner.

BOCCE is a great summer sport that can be enjoyed outdoors. It is a good mental sport that also has physical benefits. Why not fill your summer moments with some games of BOCCE?

Happy Bocce Playing Wherever You Are!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Bon anniversaire, Leslie Caron

Bon anniversaire to Leslie Caron who was born on 1 July.  Leslie Caron is C'est Magnifique.Watching her perform is worth moment upon moment.

Leslie Caron is a true legend with extraordinary talent. It was on my birthday this past 12 June that I saw the wonderful film "An American in Paris  for the first time with Leslie Caron and Gene Kelly. I fell in love with this movie and was mesmerized by the magnificent talent of these two amazing stars.

A very happy birthday to superstar LESLIE CARON!