Monday, September 29, 2014

One Last Swim

On Friday I put my bating suit on and headed to the beach to swim. For late September it was so awesome for the water to be warm enough to swim.  Swimming is so de-stressing and it's so great to be around the ducks and seagulls with the blazing sun above you while you swim in the crystal waters of Lake Michigan.

                                          LAKE MICHIGAN

Why not reward yourself with precious moments of enjoying a fun activity during the warm days of Indian Summer?

Blissful Moments on the Beach!

On Saturday I had a frustrating day…..everything seemed to go wrong from cutting my finger to misplacing my bicycle lock. I decided to go to the radio station where I had locked my bicycle against the wooden face a few days earlier and I was thrilled to find the lock attached to the wooden face.  All of a sudden my moments seemed brighter. I decided to get a personal sized pizza at Mancino's Pizzeria a mile down the road.

The girl who took care of me was so nice and once my personal sized pizza was ready I walked across the street to the beautiful sandy beach and sat down to eat one of the best tasting pizza's ever. Whatever frustrations had been built up that day all melted away thanks to some special moments eating pizza on the beach.

Frustrating moments can turn into happy moments as quickly as making or eating a pizza. When you have a bad day melt those moments away and reward yourself with blissful moments.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Sample of Warm Soup

Today I got caught in the rain while riding my bicycle to yoga class. I also got caught in the rain riding my bicycle back home. I was wet and I was freezing…..there was no place to seek shelter on the bicycle trail so I just braved the bicycle ride like a real yogi.

I had forgotten about the Food Coop store not far from the bicycle trail so I was so thrilled to go inside the awesome store and have a sample of delicious warm soup.

It's in those moments when we feel uncomfortable that a bit of comfort can make all the difference. Such was the case with the soup that warmed my body from the chills of a bicycle ride in the down pouring rain.

On a cold rainy day there's nothing more comfortable than moments of having warm soup.

                               Oryana Food Coop has the best soups in America!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Water is Calming

The Japanese know the benefits of being around water. It's very calming and relaxing. 
If you live near a lake, ocean, or other bodies of water take time whenever you can to heal your physical and mental state gazing at the water.

Grasp those moments you have around water!

                                           Lake Superior (North America)