Saturday, August 31, 2013

A New Adventure


Kayaking has always been one of my favorite water sports but this afternoon I embarked on a whole new adventure by trying paddle boarding. I honestly didn't think I would be able to stand on the paddle board but a few people in the water motivated me to stand up and I did. For a whole hour I stood on that paddle board paddling the beautiful waters of Grand Traverse Bay in Michigan and I didn't fall in the water once. Perhaps my balance was good because I teach and practice yoga or perhaps my love for water made it easier to harmonize with the paddle board. Whatever it was I'm thrilled that I gave paddle boarding a chance because I really liked it.

So... capture those moments of a new adventure because life is short.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Perfect Summer Place

                                                     Schroon Lake, New York 

Last week I arrived at the perfect summer place called Schroon Lake. It's in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. Whatever worries I brought with me quickly disappeared. My friend and I rented a cabin on the lake and every chance I had I swam and swam like a fish. We watched the sunsets in the evening and enjoyed talking to other guests at the bonfire. We had a delightful picnic with foods purchased at the local supermarket and enjoyed visiting some of the shops on the idyllic Main Street. There's something very magical about Schroon Lake that makes you want to stay as long as you can. The tasty ice cream cones at the Stewarts shop, the refreshing lake for swimming, the hiking trails, the outdoor concerts, the old fashioned Main Street, the friendly folks and just walking around the whole area with no need for a car.

Every now and than people stumble across a place that melts away their problems for a short time and such was the case with my few days in beautiful Schroon Lake. The moment I'll remember the most was when the pastor at the local church gave a sermon about "Hope." He explained that every human being faces suffering at one point in their life. He went on to say that "Suffering gives us endurance and strength to keep moving on and with that strength and endurance we seek hope and it's hope that keeps us going."

I've been left with some beautiful summer moments thanks to a few days spent in a classic little town called Schroon Lake that resembles a Norman Rockwell painting.  I hope that everyone gets a chance to spend a few days in a special place like Schroon Lake.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

An Idyllic Getaway

Summer just isn't summer without hanging out at the lake. I miss the days when I worked in Kitzbuhel, Austria and had a gorgeous lake to swim in close to where I lived.

I was delighted to discover a lake in Michigan where I'm currently living called "Silver Lake."
The moment I arrived I felt as if I was inside a fairy tail. The lake was surrounded by bluffs and cozy picnic spots. There was a concession stand with lots of fun snacks to eat as well as sandy volleyball courts and hiking paths. The lake had boat rentals and a small fishing pier but it was the lake itself that was the grand prize. I felt like a mermaid swimming in the lake hour after hour until the sun began to set and I knew I had to get out.

My little idyllic getaway rewarded me with so many happy moments; petting dogs, playing croquet with kids, eating watermelon and reading a book under the trees. If only everyday could have been this sweet.

When time permits reward yourself with an idyllic getaway on a warm summer day. Your troubles will melt away and you'll feel so relaxed. Everyone deserves an idyllic getaway that provides moments of sunny smiles.

The Swimming Pool

One thing I love to do is swim especially during the summer when the days are long and warm. I've made a point of swimming almost everyday. Each swimming day I've had thus far has rewarded me with  moments of bliss but today was especially terrific because when I arrived at the public pool in my neighborhood I realized that I had the entire pool to myself.  Hooray!

I jumped into the pool and swam lap after lap after lap enjoying the cool water against my body. I swam like a fish for a good 45 minutes. Eventually some kids showed up and they added fun to my swim because they were eating ice cream and being carefree.

When I finally got out of the pool I realized how lucky I was to have so many precious moments to swim to my hearts content in a lovely refreshing swimming pool.

Problems, Problems, Problems

Lately it seems that I'm around problems, problems and more problems; my friend just lost her job, another friend  is recovering from arm surgery, one of my friends sister recently had a heart attack and I myself have been struggling with a health issue and unemployment. My poor Mother is in beginning stages of dementia and taking care of her daily needs is stressful to me at times. But....despite all these problems life goes on. If life was smooth sailing each and everyday we wouldn't appreciate the beautiful moments that come along.

Problems will come and go throughout our life so the key is to stay strong and hold on to those good moments that bring a smile to our face and give us hope for a brighter future.