Monday, July 22, 2013

A Lending Hand

The cashier had just rung up my items which came to a total of $21.67. I had forgotten that I had used my $20.00 earlier for gasoline. Since this market only accepted cash I had to ask the cashier to take back a few items.  Just as the cashier began voiding the items I didn't have enough money for a customer approached me and said "I'd be happy to pay for the items you aren't able to purchase." I smiled at her and said "No it's OK but I appreciate the kind gesture."

How touching it was for a complete stranger to lend a hand and offer to pay for my items. As touched as I was I just couldn't accept the offer but I did learn from this experience that there are still very kind people out there who are willing to help a person in need. Those few moments in the grocery line were very touching to me! 

If ever the moment permits wouldn't it be nice to offer a kind gesture towards a stranger?

Adrianna for "Everyday Moments"

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