Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Remembering MOTHER'S DAY

                                                                                     My MOTHER'S homemade cake!

Just as I had hoped, I was able to spend MOTHER'S DAY with my MOTHER. I made her day special by cooking for her, showering her with flowers, and baking her a cake. I could tell she was pleased with her day. 

 I wish I could make everyday MOTHER'S DAY for her but that isn't always possible. I'm so happy that we had MOTHER'S DAY to share together this past MOTHER'S DAY.

Thank Goodness for digital camera's that allow us to capture those moments and those bright photo's that leave us with memories. My memories of all those special times with my MOTHER will stay with me until my dying day.

                                         My MOTHER on MOTHER'S DAY!

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