Monday, April 29, 2013


The other evening I went ballroom dancing and on one of the walls was a poem written by Cesare Pavese that said:

I stood and gazed at those few words for several moments because I felt as if the universe was trying to persuade me to keep writing my blog on "Everyday Moments." Moments pass us by continuously and there's so much to remember about those moments as we reflect on our past.

As I danced away on the hard wood floor doing the waltz, swing, tango, and salsa I couldn't help but think about those moments when I first learned to ballroom dance and how it brought me much happiness. One particular happiness occurred several  summers ago in Stowe, Vermont when I was teaching my friend to waltz during a Mozart concert performed at the Trapp Family Lodge by the Vermont Symphony Orchestra. Those moments dancing with him were one of the happiest moments of my life and I'll remember those moments until I die.

How wonderful it is to know that our minds our equipped to "remember moments."

Who was Cesare Pavese?

Mr. Cesare Pavese was an Italian poet, critic, novelist, and translator (educated in Turin, Italy). Most of his works were short stories and novellas. He certainly had a way with words.

Cesare Pavese
Born: 1908
Died: 1950

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