Monday, April 8, 2013

Free Cookies

I walked into a store and stared at the cookie display of my favorite cookies. Back in the old days when I had a steady paycheck I often rewarded myself with gourmet style cookies never worrying about the price.

Today was different and I knew I couldn’t really afford these cookies. None the less I went to the check out counter to purchase the cookies. For some reason the customer was taking forever so I  moved to another lane to make my purchase.

The cashier scanned the cookie package but no price appeared. She looked at me and asked me if I remember how much the cookies cost. I told her and instead of charging me the amount she just put the cookies in a paper bag and said "I'm going to give you these cookies for free. Enjoy them!"

A simple act of kindness by a cashier in just a few moments time really made my day. I was short on money, really couldn’t afford the cookies but somehow a way was made for me to get my favorite cookies for free. This was truly a moment of bliss and I thank that kind cashier for being so sweet and giving me a package of cookies for free.

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