Sunday, April 14, 2013

A stray cat called BC

BC first started coming to our backyard during the cold winter month of December. He was big so we named him "Big Cat." For several weeks BC came by every evening at about the same time to get fed. The poor guy was very hungry and we knew he was a stray. No matter how hard we tried to get close to him he just wouldn't warm up to us. He would eat his bowl of food and disappear until his next meal.

As time went out we slowly began to bond with the "Big Cat." BC would spend longer periods of time in the backyard & driveway keeping warm on the cozy rug we provided for him. BC allowed us to get closer and closer as time went on.

My moment of happiness occurred last night during a rainstorm. In the middle of the night I could hear loud meowing. Suddenly BC appeared at my bedroom window asking to come inside the house. I opened the window and let the guy inside. Although he didn't stay long it was the beginning of trust between a stray cat and a human. I'm waiting for the day when BC curls up next to me on my bed and purrs. I have a feeling that someday that will happen because "all things are possible" in this world.

                                                B.C.  The Stray Cat I Love

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