Monday, April 8, 2013

Talking to Homeless Henry


I was looking at a shelf of free books displayed outside a book shop when suddenly a homeless man appeared and started to talk to me. His pants were torn and he was carrying an old tote bag. His name was Henry and he was reaching out to someone who would just stop and listen to him. I wanted to listen to Henry so I chatted with him for several minutes. Poor Henry had a flood of problems; he was out of a job, he couldn't afford his rent anymore, his Mother had recently died and he was sick with cancer.

He cried as he shared his life burdens with me and was so thankful that someone cared enough to even listen to him. I had no cash on me that afternoon but I did have a bag of ready made food treats that I had purchased earlier in the day. I handed them to Henry and said "I wish I could give you more than this." Henry's face lit up with the big smile as he reached for the bag. "Thank you and God Bless You" said Henry as he gave me a quick hug.

Henry walked away and I never saw him again but I do know that someday soon poor Henry's life will glow with sunshine again because he deserves to see some light at the end of the dark tunnel.

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