Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Fisherman

Having spent most of the day at home doing chores I was glad to take a drive to a nearby town and take a walk along the river. When I arrived to the cozy oasis of nature I saw quite a few fishermen with their rods in the river. I asked a fisherman how the fishing was and he replied "Not too bad today." What started off as a simple question to a young fisherman turned into a very stimulating conversation. We talked for about 45 minutes.

The guys name was Gregory and he told me that he's old fashioned. He rides his bicycle everywhere, doesn't own a phone, and never surfed the internet. He just enjoys living a simple kind of lifestyle.

I enjoyed my time with Gregory so much because I myself like the simple things and being immersed with nature as much as possible. How wonderful it was to connect with someone so much like myself. The greatest lesson I learned from Gregory was to always be kind to others and live a humble life. If only there were more Gregory's in the world.

Moments spent with humble and kind people is something to smile about. Have you met someone who made a difference in your life?

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