Thursday, November 30, 2017

Moments of Food, Water, and Shelter

When I pass by some of the big elaborate homes in my neighborhood I'm in awe of how rich some people are. Amidst these glamorous homes are humbling dwelling spots like my studio apartment above a garage. When I first moved into my apartment I couldn't believe how blessed I was to live in a fully furnished apartment for such an affordable price. It never occurred to me that this place would be my home for four years. This small apartment is where I feel comfortable and safe. All I need is here; a bathroom to take a shower, a kitchen to cook my meals, a table to do all my writing, and a bed in the corner of the apartment where I get a restful sleep. There are some people that would consider my living arrangement quite simple but I'm thankful everyday for having a roof over my head.

A week ago was Thanksgiving in the United States and my friend and I decided to spend part of the day volunteering at a community lunch. Most of the people that came to the lunch were quite poor and they were grateful to receive a free meal that included turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, salads, and desserts. When the meal was over there was lots of food leftover including apple and pumpkin pies that hadn't even been baked. My friend offered several people small boxes of the food to take home, some accepted but others declined. One of those that declined the food was a woman with her children who said "It's so nice of you to offer the food to us but we have no kitchen to cook or store the food because we live in a car."

In this world there has always been and always will be the rich people who have grand comforts and there has always been and always will be those in the middle who have average comforts and there has always been and always will be the poor who have little and try the best to survive. Whatever our social class each human being deserves to have blessings of basic needs such as food, water, and shelter.

I'm forever thankful for my moments of "having food, water, and shelter" and my wish is for everyone to have the comforts of having food, water, and shelter.


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