Saturday, March 21, 2015

Coping Moments when sick with "The Flu"

How can I forget this past Wednesday? I woke up early to clean my kitchen, eat breakfast, make  homemade scones for my co-workers, do some exercises, and study for my language course. After doing all these tasks I headed to my job and was having a fairly good day. By the late afternoon I was hit by chills and a sore throat. (Oh, not today of all days…I was suppose to have a dinner date).

I went straight home after work and rested in bed hoping that my sudden symptoms would pass… no such luck.  I cancelled my dinner date and slept for twelve hours. The next morning the chills and sore throat were still there along with body aches, fever, coughing and a headache. I was sick with the "FLU."

Coping with the flu isn't fun…in fact there's a lot of miserable moments to deal with. So with the miserable moments of physical discomfort there's a few ways to pamper yourself while you're fighting the flu as I've learned these past few days. Here's my remedy for making the best of the moments when you sick like I am right now.

1) Don't feel guilty about resting and sleeping. Your body is fighting to repair itself so go ahead and sleep as many hours as you need to.

2) Drink all the herbal tea you can….these days there's many herbal tea flavors to choose from like chocolate mint, lavender, and orange.

3) Charge your smart phone to the maximum and watch some good television shows and movies on "You Tube." A good comedy will help you through the coughing spells.

4) If you have the energy make some soup broth. It's gentle on the stomach and helps soothe a sore throat.

5) Water, Water, Water…keep drinking it to stay hydrated. Chop up some garlic and swallow it with a glass of water. Garlic is known to fight bad bacteria.

6) Look forward to getting well soon and when you finally recover from the "FLU" and your appetite is back reward yourself with a meal at your favorite restaurant to celebrate.

In our everyday moments of life there will be some miserable moments to cope with but eventually those miserable moments will fade away just like "the flu" fades away.


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