Monday, March 2, 2015

The Perfect Day

Have you ever had "the perfect day" that stands out in your mind for days? Have you every had the kind of day that you wish could come along everyday?

Stress isn't one of my favorite words because I've been around it since the beginning of 2015. Why did today March 2, 2015 turn out to be the perfect day, I'll never know except perhaps because:

My boss let me have the day off on one of the most sunniest days of  the year in Northern Michigan.

I was able to take an amazing yoga class in the morning for free.

I didn't have to wait for the bus because it appeared just as I got to the bus stop.

The hair stylist was able to cut and style my hair the moment I walked into the salon because there weren't any customers waiting.

I had the best fifteen minute chair massage of my life and the therapist was able to get rid of my aching muscle pain.

I got the last pair of black boots in my size on the clearance rack at the shoe store.

I had time to sit on the snowy beach and reflect.

The dog gate was open and I got to cuddle and play games with all the sweet dogs.

I didn't have to cook a meal for once. Instead I met with a few friends and had a tasty dish at a cafe.

I hated for my perfect day to end because every moment was just so perfect. When life is full of responsibilities and stresses, when each day just seems too overwhelming, when everything seems to go wrong how refreshing it is to receive a "perfect day" and be assured that life does have some joyous moments.

May "the perfect day" come to you very soon and may you enjoy all of it's glorious moments.

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