Saturday, January 24, 2015

A friend in need!

I first met Simon in a clothing shop called "Relish." The adorable black pug ran over to meet me and it was "love at first sight." Some animals just have a way to win people over and that's Simon's talent. There are countless words to describe Simon; affectionate, clever, energetic  empathetic, funny, gregarious, intelligent, lovable, mesmerizing…..

Simon spends his days at the clothing shop "Relish" with his owner…it's his home away from home. Regardless of what day or hour you pop in, Simon blends in perfectly with the beautiful fashions and interesting clothes displayed on the racks all around the store. He even has his own little bed on the fancy couch.

Simon turned three the other day and there was a birthday party for him in the store. Talking about a fan club, Simon was so popular with everyone that I had to return two weeks later to have my picture taken with him. When an animal has that kind of impact you know they're extra special. I love you Simon….thank you for bringing happy moments to people in your community.

You are truly the friend that people like myself need!

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