Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Eye Glasses


On Monday I had an exhausting day at work. I was really looking forward to my yoga class and was delighted when class started. The asanas were just what I needed for an hour and when class finished I didn't realize that I had left my eyeglasses in the "Goddess Room" the student's dressing room.

I had arrived early for class that evening and had my contacts in. I was looking for some lotion inside my tote bag and emptied out my whole tote bag looking for the lotion and not realizing when I got on my yoga mat moments later that I forget to put my eyeglasses back inside my tote bag.

Later in the evening when I arrived home and took off my contacts I was walking around my apartment half blind trying to find my eyeglasses in my tote bag. Stressed? a little but in yoga we are taught to take a deep breath and relax. I immediately called the yoga studio and they assured me that they would contact me the moment they found my eyeglasses.

A day later I returned to "Shanti School of Yoga" so blissfully happy that my eyeglasses had been found and set aside and now I could see again.

For those of us that can't see without our contacts or eyeglasses it is difficult when we lose our contact lenses or glasses and don't have a spare pair. It was truly a blessing that my eyeglasses were left in a yoga studio where there is kindness and honesty.

In moments of discomfort we soon realize how we take certain things for granted. Let's be thankful every moment for the comforts we have.

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