Sunday, March 5, 2017

Bread Moments

                                                        Hand formed artisan bread made with olives.

Bread which comes in many forms is one of the oldest foods of the world. From flatbreads
to yeasted breads most countries have some sort of bread in their diet (despite the gluten free craze that has hit the Untied States).

I've been working for an artisan organic bread company for three years now and am often referred to as "the bread lady." There's northing wrong with eating bread on a daily basis. The French eats their baguettes and croissants, in India naan bread is a staple, pita bread is enjoyed by those living in Middle Eastern counties and eating tortilla's is a tradition in Central America and Mexico. From flatbreads to yeasted breads, there's plenty of people across the globe enjoying their daily bread and "bread moments."

                      Grilled bread can be topped with everything from avocado's to tomatoes to sardines


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