Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Chocolatier in Greektown:Leonidas

Greektown, Toronto, Ontario Canada

On the 12th of June I was able to spend by birthday in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with my boyfriend. It was a special treat to break away from responsibilities and explore fascinating Toronto. In that short trip we were able to try Hungarian, Indian, Japanese,and Portuguese cuisine but my favorite moments were in Greektown on Danforth when we entered the Leonidas Chocolatier.My thoughtful boyfriend asked me to choose which chocolates I'd like for my birthday gift and the girl behind the counter placed them in a golden box with a ribbon. Ironically Leonidas was founded in 1913 by a Greek-American man named Leonidas Kestidies in Brussels, Belgium. Today Leonidas Chocolatier shoppes can be found in 50 countries including the one on Danforth Street in Toronto's Greektown.Some of the best moments in life are "eating chocolates, especially when they're LEONIDAS of Belgium. Have a chocolate and brighten your moments!

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