Friday, November 21, 2014

The Candy Store

This evening as the snowflakes came falling down from the sky I walked into an enchanting candy store that was decorated in Christmas cheer.

I was the only one in the candy store besides the owner who was busy filling a tray with chocolate truffles. There were so many chocolates from around the world displayed throughout the store and I felt like a special visitor to Santa's candy world in the North Pole.

The owner and I began to chat and she gave me generous samples of chocolates from the bins to try. They were all so divine tasting and those sweet moments spent in the candy store made me feel as if Christmas had already arrived.

My favorite chocolates were the small gift wrapped ones from Belgium sitting in vibrant colors in a Belgium linen basket. I grabbed a handful to purchase. Christmas for me had arrived a month early.

We never know what our moments hold but when you do get those sweet moments enjoy them with all your heart.

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